Wolf Girl

Kim is just a normal girl, she is an orphan and is from England. She has moved back and forth from care home to care home and has now ended up in America. She now stays in a big care home called Loving Friends but do not take the name seriously! Miss Trout, the most scary woman Kim has ever seen is in charge and she is not going to be kind!
Kim is soon to find the beautiful jaw dropping Ethan. Who soon falls for her. Electricity tingles when they touch. But Ethan has a secret, and that secret can not be known or Kim's life could be in danger.


15. Hockey


Since I have been in Loving friends I have made an enemy, been in Miss Trout’s bad books and now lost the guy I really like. I’m a loser!

Days have passed, I have kept to myself. I don’t want to hurt anyone else, Em and Han visit me on a night to see if I’m okay but that’s it. Maths and Bio I dread going to. Bio Ethan completely ignores me and Maths I sit as far away from Sheldon as possible. I feel empty without Ethan my heart aches when I see him. His face has got darker by the day; his eyes have got purple marks underneath, like he hasn’t slept for days. I worry about him. Is he staying up to mourn or is he a bad sleeper?

It is now Friday; I have been here nearly four weeks now. The days have dragged and the nights are getting darker, the winter is coming early. I look at my bedraggled hair and tide marked face, from the night of crying, in the dirty mirror. Inspections haven’t gone that well lately.

My hair is past my shoulders now due for a haircut, maybe I could go into the town tomorrow. I brush the cotters out of my hair and tie it up into a ponytail. I wipe my face with a face wipe and apply a coating of mascara and lip gloss. I approve and walk into the busy crowd to breakfast. I have not eaten much these last few days, my stomach let out a low rumble as I arrive in the hall. I try to avoid the hall, either Han or Em smuggle some food out for me, hidden in their tops or coats. I sit down at our table, Han and Em already there with a bowl of cereal placed where my spot is.

‘I’m glad you’re coming in now. I don’t think we can hide any more food, they are getting suspicious.’ Han said and made a glance towards Miss Trout and Mr Grayson shovelling food down their necks. Like pigs.

‘Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I’ve realised how stupid I have been I can’t keep on hiding from him.’ I looked at my soggy cornflakes and suddenly lost my appetite from the thought of him.

‘Please eat Kim.’ Em begged she looked at my frail fingers picking at my piece of toast. ‘You are so thin Kim, you look anorexic. No offence.’ Her eyes were sad, both her and Han’s. I picked up my spoon and dunked it in the bowl. I lifted the cornflakes to my mouth and swallowed, they seemed happy, for now.  

We finished our breakfast and walked to first lesson, Biology. Lessons were slow as usual and Ethan kept his distance, he looks at me when he doesn’t think I’m looking. His eyes trace my body where you can see my thin skin stretch over my lanky body showing a few bones.

Afternoon lessons I have Spanish then P.E. The P.E teacher is like Mr Grayson someone you don’t want to mess with. Her name is Mrs Crow; she has grey wiry hair tied in a tight ponytail. She has green eyes like a cat, and wrinkles circling her eyes and mouth, from shouting I guess. Her nostrils are huge you could fit a golf ball up them. I have P.E with Han so that is bonus but also I have it with Jamie, which is a downfall. We walked out into the bitter wind. We wore black shorts and black t-shirts and our trainers. We wear this in every season. We made our way to the hockey field; there were two goals and markings where we were supposed to stand. The boys were playing basketball with Mr Pearson; Ethan was there about to score for his team.

Mrs Crow barked out the rules and put us into teams, thank god me and Han were with each other. Jamie was on the other team and she was eyeing me up. She had the hockey stick poised in my direction; she slid it along her neck. Great!

I stood in my position Han was just next to me, protecting me actually. I eyed up Jamie, she was looking straight at me danger was written on her forehead.

The whistle was blown and we were off. Han passed me the ball, I ran down the field shocked with myself actually. The goal was in sight. But then it was blocked by a figure, a girl, Jamie. She hooked the stick around my legs and I flew to the ground. She wacked the ball away and stood over me.

‘Ethan does not love you, he never will. So you better back of! Starve all you like no one cares you bitch!’ Her football studs dug into my leg then she was gone. I looked at my leg there were small holes across my shin, blood was drawn and a shooting pain went up my leg.

Han was there in a flash she crouched down to look at my leg, then to my face. ‘Are you okay Kim?’ Her face turned pale as more blood burst out my leg. I didn’t get to answer before she turned away and vomited. Coach blew her whistle and ran over. I shuffled over to her and lifted her hair away from her face.

‘What the hell has happened?’ Coach balled, how did she not see what Jamie did to me? Her eyes fell down to my bloody leg. ‘Who did that?’ She pointed at my leg. I looked over at Jamie who was in hysterics. Coach followed my eyes to Jamie. I also noticed that Ethan was looking over to us at me. My eyes fell.

‘You!’ Coach bellowed at Jamie. Jamie stopped laughing and walked over. ‘Did you do this Jamie?’ Coach asked not so harsh this time.

Jamie frowned. ‘No, of course not. I would never do that to Kim. Are you okay?’ She crouched down next to me smirking.

‘Hmm, Miss Brown, I don’t think you are telling me the truth here, dear.’ Her face was so close to my face I could feel her breath.

Mr Pearson ran over with a few other lads, Ethan one of them.

‘Are you going to answer me dear eh?’ She was shouting so loud now veins were throbbing on her forehead. Mr Pearson put his hand on her shoulder.

‘What has happened here?’ Mr Pearson asked in a soft voice.

‘Her!’ She pointed her chubby finger at me. ‘She is lying to me Paul. Me, lying to me!’ She was turning from pink to purple to blue.

Jamie was back in hysterics, Han was still vomiting and Ethan was still looking at me.

I stuttered I couldn’t say anything both teachers were glaring at me now and I looked stupid layed on the floor in agony.

Then someone’s voice echoed across the silence, Ethan.

‘Kim is telling the truth, Jamie did hurt her. Kim was about to score a goal then Jamie tripped her up. Jamie stamped her trainer into Kim’s leg and ran away. Hannah came to help and saw blood and felt sick, as you can see.’  Everyone was looking at Ethan, gobsmacked, Jamie was glaring at him and I just stared. A few minutes passed in silence and finally Mrs Crow spoke up.

‘And how would you know Mr Malone? You were over on the basketball court, am I right?’ Mrs Crow had turned to a very dark blue when Ethan said his speech.

‘Yes, you are right Madame. I just glanced over when I saw the incident happen.’ Ethan said it so easy like he had been rehearsing it.

‘You just happened –

‘I believe then it was Jamie who was lying to you Mrs Crow.’ Mr Pearson chirped up.

‘Well – yes – I – guess.’ Mrs Crow stuttered.

‘Then I guess we better be having a word with Jamie not Kimberly.’


Mrs Crow and Mr Pearson dismissed their class and took the stunned Jamie to their office. Everyone was silence, a few people started to walk off to get changed. I sat there; I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do. Han had stopped being sick but she had escaped to the changing rooms. My leg had started to go numb from the cold and the blood had dried on my wound. Slowly there was only me and Ethan left. He crouched down next to me. He placed his warm hand onto my shoulder.

‘Are you okay?’ His voice soothed the pain. I relaxed into his hand.

I nodded slowly. ‘Thank you, for everything, today. You didn’t need to.’

‘I know I didn’t. But I did. I don’t particularly know why I helped. I guess I’m stupid.’ I looked up at him and smiled.

‘I guess that’s where we are alike.’ His face hardened a bit. I looked back down at my scabby leg.

‘Can I just ask one thing?’ Ethan asked.


‘Why have you made yourself look like this? You look half dead.’ He picked up my bony wrist and put his forefinger and thumb around it. ‘Look how thin you are. It’s not you. Why?’ He stroked my cheek warming my whole body.

I shrugged. ‘I guess I am stupid. I was upset and ashamed what I had done to you. I am so sorry about that. I didn’t know what to do, I felt like a statue. I’m stupid.’ I put my head into my hands. His warm finger lifted my head up. His dark eyes seeped into mine. The marks under his eyes were a dark purple now, nearly the same colour as his eyes.

‘You’re not stupid. A bit silly really. But that is what Sheldon does.’ His finger traced my cheekbones and then my eye lid. It sent that same tingle I get whenever he touches me.

‘Sheldon, he never looked like that. He was geeky and spotty. Now, now he’s-

‘The guy everyone likes. The ladies guy.’ I giggled.

‘Like you! Eh!’ I giggled, blushing like a beetroot. Ethan burst out laughing a deep husky laugh. We laughed together. He flopped down to the ground. Hand in hand we stared at the cloud.

It felt like a few seconds but suddenly the sky got darker, Tea time.

‘Erm, Ethan.’ I propped myself up onto my arm.

‘Hmm.’ His eyes were closed and the small light from the sky bounced of his face. He looked like an angel.

‘Could you take me to the nurse’s office?’ My leg had started to sting now bringing tears to my eyes.

He opened his eyes and looked down at my leg. He was suddenly standing up, lifting me into his warm arms.

I felt safe in his arms; I just wanted to go to sleep in his arms. I closed my eyes and every few minutes I would sneak a peek at his gorgeous face.

We arrived into the white familiar room. The nurse looked up shocked.

‘Hello again Kim.’ Her smile was crackled by her foundation.

Ethan spoke for me. ‘Is it okay if you bandage Kim’s leg up? She had an accident whilst playing hockey.’ The nurse stood up and showed where to place me. I layed on the same bed I slept in only a few days ago. Ethan held my hand as the nurse tied my leg up in a bandage.

‘Can you walk or do you want me to lift you?’ Ethan asked.

‘Urm... I’m not sure.’ I slid off the bed and placed my foot down onto the cold ground. ‘I think I will be okay.’ Ethan put his arm around my shoulders and led me out of the room. Every step was agony; I cringed as I took a step. Ethan had noticed this and suddenly I was whisked up into his arm, breathing in that familiar scent. I must have fallen asleep in his arms because I woke to find myself tucked up in bed. 

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