Cornwalls love

(A One Direction fanfic)
Its about a girl called Lola who is famous and has a boyfriend name Louis tomlinson when Lola take louis and the boys to her home cornwall she tells the boys have amazing her old school was. louis has a idea he talks to the boys about it the think the same. 4 weeks in her old school 90 people all famous. will it be the same for lola ? when the 4 weeks is over the love gets going even more. will harry fall for her best friend? will zayn be on his best behaviour? read to fine out.

this is myy frist fanfic so just say if i could do anything betterr in it.


2. OUR ROOM not yours sorry boys

 Harry's POV

When lola said 'oh and boys you get to pick you rooms so i would go now so you dont get the worst room' all of us stopped and looked at each other. Louis gave Lola that look that said 'umm...Ithink we should go to our room...NOW' then them to ran of into the house and up the stairs to the 4th floor then ran all the way to the end room and said, " OUR ROOM not yours, sorry boys." I ran to the next room and looked around it looked all good so i said that it was my room.

Liam's POV

After harry ran to his room i did it to then all the boys did my room was lush its just the right colour for me had some windows and ensuit and all the other stuff. 

Niall's POV

"SHIT"i yelled we was running and i fell down the bottom step. Lola came running down.

"Naill are you ok she said"

"not really can you help me up ???"

"Yeah sure give me your hand"

When she touched me i i i well i had feelings wait what did i say in my head. No NO your not naill your not you dont have feelings you dont.


what do you think is this better ??? 

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