Cornwalls love

(A One Direction fanfic)
Its about a girl called Lola who is famous and has a boyfriend name Louis tomlinson when Lola take louis and the boys to her home cornwall she tells the boys have amazing her old school was. louis has a idea he talks to the boys about it the think the same. 4 weeks in her old school 90 people all famous. will it be the same for lola ? when the 4 weeks is over the love gets going even more. will harry fall for her best friend? will zayn be on his best behaviour? read to fine out.

this is myy frist fanfic so just say if i could do anything betterr in it.


1. Boys calm its just my home town

Well HEY i'm Lola-Rose but my friend and family and fans all call me Lola. I am so famous (but only in this book ... LOL anyway back to the book). I have long blond hair blue eyes that match my hair nicely and a nice tanned body. My boyfriend is louis tomlinson the one from One Direction. We have been together for about 2 years now. Oh I have FOUR younger brothers witch is good but sometimes they get on my nerves like when I'm trying to write a song but i had to leave my family be hide witch i am sad about but then I am really happy because i am going Back down to cornwall witch is my home town with the boys witch i know will be fun. Did i say that i am 19 well anyway we have a house and when a say we i mean me on louis but it is really big so when all of the boys family come down they can stay at ours. 

                                   --- ON THE WAY DOWN TO CORNWALL---


"BOYS CLAM DOWN ITS JUST MY HOME TOWN " I yell from the passengers seat. Louis is driving i am next to him then behide me is harry next to him is liam behide liam is naill who is next to zayn the boys are fighting about whos going to see the house first lol. " WE ARE HERE" shouts Louis the boys stop and stair. "well I'm going to unpack my stuff louis can u hep me please" I give him the puppy dog eyes it works like all ways. "Oh and boys you get to pick your rooms so i would go now so you dont get the worst room.


Please say if you like thank youu. 

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