Tricking Trichotillimania (a true story about me and my disease)

Ever since I was in fourth grade I've been diagnosed with Trich, its a mental illness but I see it as more of a bad habbit. I cope with sad situations by pulling out hair. This book is everything I've gone through trying to overcome my habits. I also want to spread awaresness of the disease because it isn't a very well known about illness me and 3million other people in this world live with this disorder.


1. when it first started

When I was in fourth grade my best friend and I began fighting a lot because she had found another friend and was ignoring me. I was also going through a lot of stress at home with my family. My mom and dad had been fighting for sometime. One day I happened to be at my cousins house and she had an eyelash on her face. Being the nice person I am I informed her about it. She put the eyelash on the tip of her finger and closed her eyes. She blew the eyelash igf of her finger. I was confused "why'd you do that?" I asked with a curious tilt of my head. 'Well if you find an eyelash you can make a wish" she explained. "oh" was all I replied. But in my head I was thinking of all the wishes i could make that would make my life better.
When I got home I went to my room and looked into my mirror. I stared at my eyelashes in my reflection for hours with my music blasting. I picked one out. Most peoples reaction might have been "ow that hurts" but i thought it felt pretty good.. And in all the time I spent planning and pulling I felt as though I had forgotten the world around the only thing that mattered was to get that eyelash and make that wish. I put the pulled eyelash on the tip of my finger closed my eyes and made a wish.
I hadn't done it again for days...until one night my parents had a big argument down stairs. I was still awake at the time. I sat at the top of the staircase and pulled out many of my eyelashes and instead of making wishes with them, I put them on the wall. Within ten minutes ubhad pulled out a noticble amount on both eyes. I prayed that my mom wouldn't notice. I got up and walked to my bed and fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up from school and when I went downstairs my mom noticed right a way that I was missing a chunk of eyelashes on both sides. I tried to convince her that they had fallen out but of course she didn't believe me. She dropped me off at school very dissapointed and confused.
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