Tricking Trichotillimania (a true story about me and my disease)

Ever since I was in fourth grade I've been diagnosed with Trich, its a mental illness but I see it as more of a bad habbit. I cope with sad situations by pulling out hair. This book is everything I've gone through trying to overcome my habits. I also want to spread awaresness of the disease because it isn't a very well known about illness me and 3million other people in this world live with this disorder.


2. Getting Familiar With Trich

Trichotillomania is a type of impulsive control disorder. Its causes are not clearly understood. But some say it is caused by stress and anxiety, some times even poor self image. Therapists call it a habit, other people call it weird. People with 'Trich' often pull from the top of their head, eyelashes, eyebrows, arms, legs, and even pubic areas. For me, i currently pull from only my top eyelashes. , for most people, it ends within 12 months. For others it lasts for their entire lives.    When someone pulls out a piece of hair, their first reaction would be "ow that hurts." but for people like me, it feels good. The feeling is hard to explain, but its something that calms me down and brings me to a place where everything is okay, where i am excepted for who i am and what i do.

Not many people know about this disease. Only 3 million people are diagnosed with it. That's a small amount considering we have well over 7 billion people in the world. But its not uncommon. The next time you're with someone, watch their actions. I have noticed a few of my friends unconsciously pull out an eyelash or two before.

Trichotillomania has had a huge impact on my life. It prevents me from looking my best, it makes me insecure and nervous. I can never wear mascara because i have no place to put it. Picking has become an everyday thing for me. As i type this on my computer, i stop for a moment and try to get one out. It has come to the point where everything i do revolves around "When can i pick one, i need to do it now." Sometimes my friends catch me picking one and they gove me weird looks

When my friend asked me, "Hey Kaylynn, Why don;t you have eyelashes?" i get nervous. Only a few of my friends have asked. And only when they ask me do i tell them about my disorder.

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