Eons ago the angels were cast out of heaven. Exiled to hell were the ones that sided with lucifer, those who didn't choose at all were sent to earth to live amongst the humans. They bred with the humans and created creatures called nephilim, god was so outraged that he sent the great flood to wipe them all out, some survived. The creator sent the power angels to destroy those that remained. Now a power will have to choose between what he was created to do and a girl more seductive than heaven itself.


1. Dream

Running, running. I have been running for so long. Across the world and across time, fighting for survival. The flapping of wings is so close, I no nothing except that I have to get away from it. Away from the end that awaits me at the hands of another. I sprint into the house, slamming the door behind me and wasting all of three seconds to lock it. I try for the stairs but it's already too late, the thing is here and I have no way to get away. The windows all shatter around me and I scream, I know running any longer wont't help me but at least it will prolong my life for a few more seconds. I try for the living room but the creature grabs hold of my arm and drags me back, I am not strpng enough to break away. One more scream surprises the creature long enough for me to brake away and this time I make it up the staires.

"Mum, Mum, someone please help me!" I yell and begin to cry, I don't have any strength left from fighting, from running across time and worlds. Crumbling to the floor I stop fighting, and for the first time in the history of our race, I stop running. The creature decends upon me and I finally get a good look, his wings are jet black, his hair dark brown and his eyes an ivy green. A blinding light sarrounds me light my own halo.

"Why do you fear death, Nephilim." The angel askes. His eyes shimmering with confusion. I feel my confidence rise as I look at the creature who believes himself to understand all, wandering through the darkness of confusion. I utter the words I know will send him into a fit of range so great that he will kill me, and maybe it won't be so bad. Without shame I whisper,

"Because it's what a human does." And then I'm gone.

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