Eons ago the angels were cast out of heaven. Exiled to hell were the ones that sided with lucifer, those who didn't choose at all were sent to earth to live amongst the humans. They bred with the humans and created creatures called nephilim, god was so outraged that he sent the great flood to wipe them all out, some survived. The creator sent the power angels to destroy those that remained. Now a power will have to choose between what he was created to do and a girl more seductive than heaven itself.


2. Daughter of a demon




I looked all around the room of the place where I had located one of the fallen, the walls were white and drab whilst the carpet was a cream colour. Michael sat behind a brown desk, which seemed to be the only colour in the room, he looked up momentarily and then back down at his papers. 

"Hello Raphael, to what do I owe this pleasure." Michael asked in a sarcastically pleasant tone. He didn't have to pretend he was happy to see me, after all I am the one who was sent to silence the fallen forever, or their children at least. 

"You can cut the crap Michael, I know you aren't happy to see me and I will be out of your hair as soon as I get what I came for." I said slipping further into the room and shutting the plain white wooden door shut behind me. This time when Michael look up he didn't look back down. He eyed cautiously and I could tell he was already weary. No power angel had ever come to see one of the fallen unless they wanted something, and it was never for the benefit of the fallen angel.  

"What would that be Raphael, haven't your kind already taken everything from me? What else could you possible want from me?" Michael demanded and he was right, the power angels had taken a lot from him, many of his half angel children had been killed by power angels. Still it was partly his fault, he should never have had children with the mortals if he didn't want them exterminated. Now he was about to lose one more.

"Information, where is the nephilim girl Michael?" I asked and he froze. So predictable, he thought that he had hidden her so well by cutting off all ties with her, typical Michael behaviour, always trying to protect what he can't. Finally he spoke again but this time he said every word cautiously, weary of what I might pick up. Scared that anything he said would reveal the whereabouts of his young daughter. 

I have no idea what you are talking about." Michael claimed, though his eyes told a different story. He was scared now, it wasn't the kind of fear he got every other time his children had been found out about, this fear was stronger. He almost seemed like a parent scared that his child would meet it's end too soon, he seemed to actually care about this child. My heart softened a little bit for him, it really wasn't fair that those he cared for suffered for his mistake, but I knew my orders and I would follow them no matter what. Walking over to the desk I picked up two pictures in brown wooden frames, in one picture there was a girl around the age of twenty holding a baby wrapped in a pink blanket, she seemed to be in a hospital bed. The baby's eyes were a stormy, dark blue and though it had just been born they seemed to hold unfathomable secrets. In the second picture there are two women on the sofa smiling, one of them looked around eighteen and the other looked like she must have been about forty-eight. They looked exactly the same, so much so that they could be twins, the only difference was that the younger one had black hair not light brown, black hair like Michael's. They were both unbelievably beautiful but the younger girl had something extra about her, she was an unearthly beautiful, like an angel. Michael saw me looking at the pictures and his eyes widened in true fear, his lie had just been caught out. 

"Oh I believe you do my old friend, and I believe you know what I plan to do now." I was taunting him, trying to get a fight out of him. Instead of attack me like I though he would he did something I thought he was incapable of. The fallen Archangel begged.

"Raphael please, leave them alone. Neither of them know anything, they aren't a threat to you. Don't hurt her or her mother, please." The pleading sound in his voice surprised me, more than that it confused me. He actually seemed to love this girl, the one he most likely never met again after the day she was born, the one who he kept away from just to protect her. 

"I have no business with the mother, you should have kept her better hidden." I say and without another word I leave the room and hear Michael yelling out in sorrow and rage as I leave the building.

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