The man next door

A family move into their new house, a family of four. The mum, dad, Amy(13) and the new baby John.
After a couple of weeks of living in the house, amy notices some strage things.
She notices that the man next door always stares at her and she doesnt know what to do.
Amy decides to tell her mum and dad. Her dad goes around to the house, but doesnt come back. Her mum goes around and doesnt come back. Amy and John are left in the house until the man next door comes into her house!
What will happen to Amy and John?


1. The New House

I was sitting in the car with John while mum and dad were taking boxes into our new house. I didn't want to move house, I had to leave my school and all my friends behind. Anyway while mum and dad were unpacking the man next door came to our house to say hi to mum and dad. "Hi, im Mr. Breen, welcome to Forthill Place" said the man next door. Mr Breen was very tall and had a bald head. He was wearing black trousers and a white shirt with a blue tie. I think he had just came back from his work. "Hi, im Mandy and this is my husband, Rob" said my mum. I decided to get out the car to introduce myself, so i picked up John and got out the car.

"Who's this pretty little lady" said Mr. Breen. "Hi, I'm Amy, and this is my little brother John", I said. Mr Breen kept staring at me but i didn't really care, i just thought that he was happy to see that we were his new neighbours. "I just came to welcome use into the street, i hope you will like it here" said Mr Breen still staring at me, by this time i started to care that he was staring so i said to mum "I'm away to take boxes in the house". "Ok sweetheart" she said. As i walked away with John in one arm and a box in the other Mr Breen said "well I better get going then, nice meeting you", "Nice meeting you to" said dad. "Did you notice Mr Breen staring at Amy, or was it just me?" mum asked dad. "I noticed it, mabye its nothing" replied dad.

When everything was in the house I went to look at my new room, It was huge, it was much bigger than my last room. "MUM" I shouted. "YES" mum shouted back  coming up the stairs. "Why did you decide to give me the biggest room in the house" I asked as she entered my room. "Well, I gave you it because your a teenager now and when you start to have sleepovers with your friends, you will need a big room" said mum. "Thank-you mum, i love it" i replied hugging my mum. "And remeber, if Mr.Breen does anything, come and tell me or dad, ok!" mum said stricly. "Yes mum" I said huffing. "Good, now go and unpack your stuff, dinner will be ready in soon" said mum happily. I went over to my boxes of stuff and started unpacking stuff into my new room.




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