The man next door

A family move into their new house, a family of four. The mum, dad, Amy(13) and the new baby John.
After a couple of weeks of living in the house, amy notices some strage things.
She notices that the man next door always stares at her and she doesnt know what to do.
Amy decides to tell her mum and dad. Her dad goes around to the house, but doesnt come back. Her mum goes around and doesnt come back. Amy and John are left in the house until the man next door comes into her house!
What will happen to Amy and John?


2. Everything goes wrong

It was my 1st day at school, and I tried begging my mum to stay off but she wouldnt let me.So i got my breakfast, got dressed, did my hair. "Mum, please don't make me go to school, I don't have any friends" I begged. "Amy, i'm sorry, you have to, you will meet friends soon, I promise" said mum. "NO I WILL NEVER MEET FRIENDS, IM THE NEW KID!" I shouted at mum, I grabbed my bag and walked out the door slamming the door behind me.

I was walking out my garden when I seen Mr Breen. "Hi, so are you going Movellas Primary or Peeta Primary?" said Mr Breen. "None actually, im going to Hutcherson High School today, im starting High School" I said. "Oh, ok, have fun today then" he replied. He kept staring at me.I was wondering why he was standing outside, he wasn't even in his work clothes so I ran bakc to my house. "Mum, help Mr Breen was staring at me again, he was just standing there, he wasn't evem in his work clothes" I said to mum. "Just calm down, I will go and get dad to go through and ask him  if he has a problem with our family, so you get to school or you will be late" mum told me. "NO, mum i'm not going to school, please mum I will go tomorrow" I begged mum. Mum finally let me stay off for just this one day.

"Rob, go through to Mr Breens house and ask him if he has a problem with our family, hes been staring at our Amy again, but Rob, don't be cheeky to the man, he might be inncoent" said mum to dad. "Ok, and Mandy I won't be cheeky, don't worry" said dad to mum. Dad went through to Mr Breens while me and mum had a cup of tea and toast. 20 minutes had past. "Muum, dads taking a long time, do you think hes ok" i asked worried. "He will be fine, they are just chatting about football or something" mum replied but she did look worried to. 40 minutes had past. "I  better go through and check if your dads ok, you stay here with John" mum told me. "No, dont leave me here alone" I told mum. "I will be two minutes" siad mum closing the door and going through to Mr Breens house.

Now mum and dad are both through at some mans house that stared at me all the time. 1hour had past! Mum had been away for 20 minutes and dad had been away for one hour. I was really worried. I decided to wait a little while becuase I thought that they could just all be having a cup of tea. 1hour and 30minutes had past. I was shaking with fear now.

I picked up the phone, and dialled  in 999, my hands were shaking. Before i could press the green button, i heard someone coming through the door. I was so happy, my mum and dad had come back for me and John. I ran through to the hall and nearly jumped on them until I noticed that it wasn't my parents, it was Mr Breen. "Hi, Mr Breen, wheres my mum an dad?" I asked him. "Oh, i dont know where your parent are" he replied. I even smelt the fear off him. "They came around to your house" I said. "No they never" he said, "now come with me". "No, get out my house please" I told him. "No" he said grabbing my hand and pulling me out my house, "GET OFF!" I screamed. He took me to his house, his house was very smoky. He pulled me to his basement where I saw my mum and dad. My mum and dad were tied up with tape over there mouths. "MUM, DAD" I screamed.

Mr Breen held on to me really hard, so i couldn't get out. He tied me up and put tape over my mouth. It was horrible. And  John was stuck in the house all by himself. I kicked and punched as hard as i could, but he was really strong. I was tied up and I couldn't even talk becuase of the tape. When he was happy with what he had done with us. he said "Use were the best neighbours ever, now use are all mine, hahahahahaah!" and then left us in this dark room forever.





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