I just got this new laptop for my birthday, I'm going to make myself a facebook account. Will this be safe or not. Read and you will find out.


2. It was my friend.

My friend watched the video and called my mum from work, she ran to my house to stop me. She just got me on time before i put the tablets near my mouth and killed myself. My brother was upstairs he had no idea what had happened. Rocky grabbed the tablets out my hand. I screamed and yelled so loud. My brother came downstairs really fast, Rocky told my brother what I was doing I cried so loud and ran out. They chased after me. My mum saw me as she was driving fast home from work and put me in the car. When i got home i stayed in my bed for days, my mum sent me to doctors and specialists about it. I went back to school a few weeks later, everyone just stared at me, gave me horrible looks, spoke and laughed about me. I ignored it all but inside it killed. The bell rang for home time, I got home and sat on the chair. I know i wasn't supposed to but I checked my Facebook page to see more of the hate I was getting. He was posted even more lies on my page, everyone was commenting on it. They believed him.

  Rocky came round that night, she told me she can't come in the house because after this I was going to hate her. She said that she is Brendan. I told her your not, no. She just burst and cried. She told me she was so sorry, she didn't know what she was thinking. I ran back into the house, ran upstairs and cried on my bed. My own friend i thought. She messaged me, on her personal account about how sorry she was. She then posted a video telling everyone it was her posting all the things on my profile.They all hated on her, at first I was glad. My mum spoke to me about how i felt when it was happening to me. I know the felling. I went round to the house and we walked to school the next day together with our heads high up as possible. Miss popular Brooklyn called us both names. We walked right past her. I thought for a second she is not so great. I walked back. I said to her that She isn't the greatest and she was a big bitch. She ran out with her girls. Nobody stood up to Brooklyn before. I was the hero of the school.

  The cute guy in my class came up to me hugged me and told me he knows it was not me, we ended up dating after that. Everyone stood by us then. No more Brooklyn to boss anyone around.

        ps- If you ever get a Facebook account or got one, make sure you check who your talking to

    or who your friends are, you don't know what it can lead to.

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