I just got this new laptop for my birthday, I'm going to make myself a facebook account. Will this be safe or not. Read and you will find out.


1. happybirthday

My mum and brother came through singing 'Happy Birthday' to me and got me a big morning breakfast. It was delicious. After I finished my sausages,eggs,beans and toast; I ran downstairs to get my cards and presents. I got a laptop. I wasn't allowed one of these before, my mum thought it wasn't safe at my age (13years old.) She told me i can take it to my room, that I deserve my own privacy at my age. I was really happy now. I hugged them both and told them I loved them. We got cake afterwards. My mum helped me set my computer up in my room. I watched her as she did. When she had finished i set myself up a Facebook account, all my friends had it except me, my mum wouldn't let me. Did i forget to mention, there's this really cute guy in my class, he told me last week he'd speak to me on Facebook, i was too scared to tell him i didn't have one but I'll be able to talk to him now.

   First I needed a email address, all done.

   Now I updated my profile with details and a profile picture. I added my friends and also the cute guy in my class came up (Bailey Miles) , he wanted to add me. I accepted obviously. We started to speak for weeks, then I got a new request from somebody called 'Brendan Silhouette' I didn't know him but i accepted anyway. I thought nothing of this. He started to talk to me a lot now. Now it was starting to worry me, I told my friends, if I told my mum she'd close down my Facebook page. My friends said he probably just likes you so i continued to ignore it.

   A few weeks later that's when it all started, the bullying. He started to post things on my wall like I met him and slept with him, gave him things. It wasn't nice at all. Everyone hated me. I  had one friend who stayed by me the whole time, my first best friend Rocky. It continued all year round. Suicide was options most times.  Then i posted a video on my facebook account, i told them; 'I'm the real Kate, and this is the last time you will have to hear or see me.' People from my school commented things such as 'good, nobody likes you' or 'thank god.' It really got to me that's when I went to the bathroom and put the tablets in my mouth.



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