5 days ( short story)

Niall and Amirah have been dating for five years and Niall wants to surprise Amirah, what will happen next??
* short story*


2. The plan

Hola Amigos! I updated, sorry for the previous chapter, it was like, four in the morning (oops) when I wrote it lol. I hope you like this chapter

Amirah's POV

Why did I run away? Why didn't I just stood there and wait for Niall to say " Will you marry me?".

I feel terrible, I don't know what's wrong with me, did I let down Niall?

Thousands of thoughts flooded my mind as I made my way to the parking lot, I knew I had nowhere to go, am I just gonna stand here, crying and wait for Niall to find me??


 I ran and searched for Amirah, and finally, I found her on the parking lot, leaning on my car and crying.

" Babe, it's okay, if you're not ready yet then..." but before I could finish what I have to say Amirah said " I don't know Niall, I would love to marry you but...my dad...he wants me to marry Ethan" she said and hid her face on my shoulders. I couldn't bare to see the love of my life looking like this.

" Niall... this sounds crazy, but...can we...run away??" she looked deeply into my eyes and sighed.

" you sure?" I asked, she always asks me this question, and now, I'm up for it, I don't care what anybody thinks as long as I have my Amirah, I can't wait to meet her in the aisle wearing a white dress, hopefully I'm gonna see a little Amirah, or a little me running around our house in a few years....

" I'm really sure, I just want to run away from my dad, he's taking control of my life and I can't stand it anymore, Ethan doesn't want to marry me either but my dad's forcing us both, Niall.....I'm really sorry I ran away when you were about to propose, I promise you...after I get away from my dad...we're gonna get married." she said and held my hand, it had a tattoo of her name on my wrist and I'm glad I got it, her name will forever be in my wrist.

" Amirah... this is the plan, I'm gonna drive you home okay? and you go to your room and pack your things...important things, and make sure your dad's not at your door, don't let anyone see you, and you get out of your window, understood?" I said and kissed her. " we're gonna make it, I promise".

" Okay...I love you"

" I love you more'



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