5 days ( short story)

Niall and Amirah have been dating for five years and Niall wants to surprise Amirah, what will happen next??
* short story*


1. What happened??

" Amirah, I don't know about my future but I'm sure you're in it" I told my girlfriend, Amirah.

" Why are you so sure about that?" Amirah asked. " You're different and I love you" I said and kissed her temple and played with her blonde hair, This is it, this is the day I'm going to ask Amirah to be the one for me.

" Come with me" I said as I held her soft hands and we made our way to an enclosed garden, there was a small pond and it was filled with flowers, I remembered Amirah telling me how she wanted the one for her to propose in an enclosed area.

" Amirah...." I said, I didn't kneel but before I could pull out the ring, she ran away.

" Amirah, wait!!" I said and ran to her but she was gone.

" Amirah...." I said again sighing. Why did she run away? I thought we loved each other? what happened to our five years, 5 months and five days of loving each other?

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