Guarding you ( George Shelley, Union J)

Devon is assigned to guard over the Xfactor UK sensation, Union J. However him and one member have a secret that cannot be shared. Something that can never get out.


3. Tears

It was the night I dreaded for George and the boys the most. They were in the bottom two and almost got eliminated. I knew the others could handle this but George was the most emotional out of the group. I had to be away for things when It happened so I had to wonder what was going on in George's mind. 

I made my way up to their apartment and walked in with my key. Everyone sans George were holed up in the living room watching a recording of their performance the night before. Even though they snuck through to the next week they were still heartbroken.

Jaymi noticed me first and stood up from the couch walking over to me. "You're late." His tone was quite frank and I couldnt help feeling terrible.

"I'm sorry I couldnt escort you guys toda.."  Jaymi was quick to stop me with a hand to my face and shook his head.

"Save it. The others dont really care what happens between you and George. Yeah they know they aren't dumb." Jaymi groaned and turned his head down the small hall. "He's been in there since we came back. It didn't hit him about what happened till we got home."

He looked down the hall and my heart ached. George had taken it harder than the others despite making it through. If he kept this mood up he wouldnt be able to perform next week.

"Go to him" Jaymi spoke softer now and pushed me down the hall. I walked slowly my eyes set on the door at the end. I carefully opened it and was greeted by darkness. As my eyes adjusted to the lack of light until I spotted him. Leaning on the window his arms across his body.

"George?" I speak as I move in and close the door behind me. His head lifts and he looks to me. He's a total wreck seemingly been crying  his normal boyish looks ruined by his sadness. I moved over to him and in a insant he launched himself onto me.

"What did we do wrong? Are we terrible? Why did they hate us?"

"George you did nothing wrong. You made it though."

He sighed "Barely" He shook his head "I thought we did so good with the vampire theme. But then we almost went home.."

I lead him back over to the bed and sat him down with me. He scooted over getting into my arms.

"You wern't there..." he said sadly and moved his head even closer to my neck.

" I'm sorry." was all I could say as I turned my head to kiss his forehead. 

It was a few mintues before he talked again "I dont think we can win this." He said quite frankly "Even One Direction didnt..."

I wanted to tell him he was wrong for thinking this but the truth is they were not a shoe in to win it all despite what I wanted. Sure they can get success afterwards but at this moment. I blinked as I felt water fall on my neck and I heard the tears. 

I moved George fully over held him close to me. He gripped at me tighter and I simply let him cry rubbing his head. His sobs were heartbreaking to me literally killing me as I heard them. I moved my hand up and rubbed at his cheek feeling the cold tears agaisnt my finger.

30 mins later George seemed to be done and he simply cuddled up to me.

"I'm glad you came. I needed a good hug."

I smiled "Whatever happens I'll stick by you. Cause you George"

He lifted his head and looked me right in the eyes "Do you mean that?"

I lean up and give him the sweetest kiss I can before answering "I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it."

He smiles and leans back on me "I love you too Devon."

His phone lights brightened up the room and I glanced over at him. He was typing a update on twitter that seemed very hopeful for the future 'Hey fans! We will work harder for next week. George xx'  setting the status his head falls back on my chest and we slowly fall to sleep. 

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