Guarding you ( George Shelley, Union J)

Devon is assigned to guard over the Xfactor UK sensation, Union J. However him and one member have a secret that cannot be shared. Something that can never get out.


2. Limo Love

The boys had yet another successful night on the live shows with the judges giving them much praise. I couldn't help being proud of them I watched them improve over time.  From the judges houses when I was simply a fan to now standing backstage watching them dance and sing admist the cheers. Well watching George sing.

With his nice brown pants and blue jacket on and stepped around the the large blocks singing "When Love Takes over". My heart fluttered in my chest and when the song ended I gave a hearty clap.

The show was over and the boys were coming thowards to the limo. I smiled at them and nodded "Ready to rest up guys?"

"Yes sir!" they all chimed in. Funny how they were becoming more and more insync with each other each week.

The boys piled into the limo with me getting in last. I flopped down on the plush backseat that looped around the back of the limo. I was in a nice "corner" part of the limo able to keep a nice watch on all of the guys. George sneaky as always slip beside me once I was in.

The car rolled off and I was thankful for the ambient lighting so I could just relax and listen to them talk about how great everything went. It was then I noticed a hand fall on my left hand.

The hand squeezed softly daring me to look at it's owner. I didn't have to guess who it was. Only george would be daring enough to make moves on me with the other guys sitting right here.

From the corner of my eye I saw him grinning wide as he kept up his conversation with Jaymin. The two of them had recently become super close and often talked about all types of things. I heard the rumors that Jaymin was gay but I was never certain. He did give off vibes though.

He looked to me and smiled himself before looking to the other two members of the group.

"Let's stop for some food in this store mates."

"In a limo?" J.J gawked and shook his head "Fan's would swamp us."

Jaymi waved his hand "Nonsense. We will park the limo down the block some in a dark area and run up their. I'm sure the driver wont mind." He leaned forward and tapped on the dark glass window. It rolled down a peep and Jaymi directed his message. 

It took a bit more convincing before we where suddenly at the corner on a dark street.

"This is not so wise boys." I spoke up. I was the security guard and it was my job to get them to the hotel. Jaymi shook his head 

"Seriously we are old enough to dodge fans. Infact stay here and we will prove it." He said with a wink.

I wanted to object again but George was on me. Grabbing my arm tightly " Yeah stay. I'm going to sit in the car and the guys are brave enough anyways."

It was then that I looked back and forth between George and Jaymi and realized they had set this up. Defeated a bit I sank down into the seat.

"Hurry guys. I rather not lose this job." The three boys hurried out of the limo and soon me and George were left alone 

"Finally" I heard his voice beside me echo "I thought they would never leave"

"You and Jaymi set this up." He shrugged his thin shoulders and snuggled onto my arm.

"Did you like the song tonight? I was singing about you." 

I blushed despite my dark skin and turned to him. My fingers found his face and I rubbed his chin softly. I could feel his mouth curl into a smile as he moved ontop of me. His smaller body pressed onto mine I soon felt his lips latched onto my own. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity just me and him in the back of this limo.

I felt his love pouring into me or maybe it was only raw lust. Whatever it was I didnt care I just wanted him there with me. His hands roamed up my arms and I gasped out as he pressed himself on me.

"Shame we cant be together tonight." He whispered into my ear in his playful tone. I responded by grabbing his butt making him jump and squirm a bit.

"I feel the same way." 

He smirked and gave me one more kiss filled with lust and longing  before swinging himself off me. He curled up on my side again and started to hum the song they just performed. 

"When love takes over, yeahYou know you can't denyWhen love takes over, yeah
Cause something's here tonight "

Five minutes later the boys jumped back into the limo with bags of snacks and the limo was off again. They where showing me all they had until JJ noticed George who had dozed off at my side.

"Man he looks so content."

I only smiled and looked down at George who wore a smile as his head lay on my big shoulder. 

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