Guarding you ( George Shelley, Union J)

Devon is assigned to guard over the Xfactor UK sensation, Union J. However him and one member have a secret that cannot be shared. Something that can never get out.


1. Hotel dress up


I scanned the streets from the 7th floor suite watching the sea of fans down below. Girls from all walks of life holding their signs up hoping the boys here would actually see them.

I felt sorry for them even if I was suppose to keep them from the boys. They wouldn't experience what I do everyday. Me? I'm a bodyguard for one of the newest acts in town. Landed this dream job after just moving to the uk. I'm a pretty big guy so I'm fairly good at my job.

My attention is caught as the shower turns off and I simply smile. This is what the girls are missing. What I get to see every day.

The bathroom door opens and out steps the most beautiful guy in the world. Pale skin,floppy brown hair,lovely smile all wrapped in a large purple towel. George shelley, member of Union J.

"Everyone is lined up to see you."  I say.

He sighs distantly looking at the window  " Are they? Shame."

I smirk some at his sullen tone and look back out   "You could be more excited to see them"

"I am."  I just loved hearing his voice. His thick accent always drove me wild.

 Suddenly skinny arms snake their way around my waist and pull me into a tight hug. I turn to my smaller assailant and hug him back.

"I just prefer my big american man." His eyes found mine and I gasped at how seductive he looked.

"You're still wet.." I noticed from my hands slipping on his bare skin.

He smirks that glorious smirk of his "The way you like me right?"

"I like you in a lot of ways girls might cut me for."

His laughter fills the room and he removes himself from my arms. I watch as he struts across the room, mesmerized by how his skinny hips moved under the towel. 

I loved him. He was my world now that I was here. But we could never be. What would people think of us? He was a growing star and I was just a nobody. I couldn't even take him to dinner for gods sake.

"Devon?" I jolt from my thoughts and look up, Gasping.

The towel that once covered him was now on the floor. His body in full glory and a devilish smirk sitting on his face. A smirk he uses whenever im thinking too hard and he needs me.

"Now then. White or black?" He says in a sly tone holding up two boxers.

I have to cough before I could even  speak  " White."

Seeming satisfied with making me slip up he turns away from me and bends over. I have to sit down as he pulls up his boxers that seemed almost too short on him and framed his butt perfectly. He turns to me with the same mischievous smile.

"Now if you're done watching me mate. Come help me pick out some pants."

I shoot up from my seat and make my way to him. He smiles and pulls out a dark blue pair of skinny jeans. Bending over again he steps into them and looks back expectantly.

I gladly reach down grabbing either side of the pants and slowly pull them up letting my fingers drag along his milky smooth legs to his creamy thighs. He shudders under my touch which just makes me smile as I finish the task.

"Done!" I yell as I pat his butt.

He shivers again and smiles back at me before reaching for a nice white button up. He turns quickly and before i could stop him, pecks me right on the lips. I gasp unable to respond to the kiss and he bounces away and gets his shoes 


" Lets go..sir."

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