Love at First Sight

Sophia lives with just her sister Mae and occasionally her bestfriend Paisley stays with them. She has a fight with her sister and runs away. A boy finds her at a park and offers to let her stay with him and his mum until she finds a place to stay. Will Sophia end up staying with this boy and his mum longer than planned? Read to find out! No hate please! This is my first Movella. x


3. Running Away

I started running away further and I had no idea where I was going. Normally, the first place I'd go would be Paisley's house, but I have no idea where I am now. I stopped running at a big park, and sat on a huge trampoline. My sister kept calling and texting, but I just ignored them. I got comfortable (It's hard to do that on a trampoline) and eventually fell asleep. 

*Mae's P.O.V*

 I kept trying to call Sophia but she wouldn't answer me or reply to my texts. But she's read them so I at least know she's alive.. I didn't mean to say what I did, I didn't realise that the one thing I always taught her was never disobey what older sisters say.. What made me start crying is that I realised what Soph said about mum was partly true. I did drive her mad, but that wasn't the only reason. Mum's been through a lot. I just went to bed, thinking Sophia would be back tomorrow.

*Harry's P.O.V*

The boys have been fighting over tiny things a lot and it's been driving me crazy. We haven't been getting on quite well the past few months. "But if Liam hadn't mentioned it during a fucking interview, we wouldn't be fighting again right now!" Niall yelled. "Mentioned what?" Louis asked. "I didn't know we were keeping it a secret." Liam said. "Keeping what a secret?!" Louis asked, raising his voice. Everyone just ignored him. "Jesus Christ.." Niall whispered. "I'M SORRY!" Liam yelled. "Zayn's asleep." I reminded them. "You probably don't even know what you're fighting about anymore since nobody can tell me.." Louis said. "Just shut up" Niall said, lying down on the couch. "Some best friend you are! It's the smallest thing and you-" I cut Liam off. "STOP! I'm going to the park to think. Alone" I said. I walked to a nearby park and there was a girl sitting on a trampoline. I went to sit next to her. "Hello" I said. She looked really startled. "Sorry" I said. "It's okay, I'm Sophia" she said. "I'm Harry from-" she cut me off. "One Direction?" I smiled. "Yep" and she smiled back. 

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