Love at First Sight

Sophia lives with just her sister Mae and occasionally her bestfriend Paisley stays with them. She has a fight with her sister and runs away. A boy finds her at a park and offers to let her stay with him and his mum until she finds a place to stay. Will Sophia end up staying with this boy and his mum longer than planned? Read to find out! No hate please! This is my first Movella. x


6. Pancakes

*Sophia's P.O.V*

The next morning, I woke up and it was still nice & sunny. I walked out of my room and looked at the wall clock. 9:00am. I saw the pancake ingredients on the bench and Anne walked in. "Good morning!" she said. "Morning! Do you know where Harry is?" I asked. "He's in the toilet, he'll be out." she said. She walked into her room and an idea popped into my head. I took the Maple Syrup bottle and waited for Harry near the bathroom. When he came out, I squirted some syrup onto his face. "SOPHIA!" He yelled, trying not to laugh. He began chase after me. I ran back into the kitchen & hid behind the counter. He walked being my and poured some flour onto me. "HARRY!" I couldn't help but laugh. He got the eggs and I started backing away. "You wouldn't. Harry!" I screeched. I started running away but he ran after my and I tripped, he tripped behind me and ended up falling on top of me. 

I just stared into his eyes and he got closer & closer. Eventually, our lips touched and we started to kiss. The kiss was perfect! I didn't want it to stop, but it did. We pulled apart and smiled. Harry got up just in time, because Anne walked in. With a big grin on her face. Sh*t! I still had flour all over me. "What are you doing?" She asked, laughing. "Making..pancakes...." Harry said cracking an egg and putting it on my head. Anne just started cleaning up the kitchen and made the pancakes herself while Harry and I washed up. "I can't believe you did that." I said, smiling. "Did what?" Harry asked. "Put egg in my hair!" I said, laughing. "Oh. But, about that kiss." he said. "I know. I'm sorry." "No, no, it was um it was great. But does it mean we're dating?" he asked. "Up to you.." I said. "Well, Sophia, will you go out with me?" He asked, grinning. "Yes!" I said, and he pulled me into a hug. 

I know it's been like, 2 days, but I was in love with this boy! 

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