Love at First Sight

Sophia lives with just her sister Mae and occasionally her bestfriend Paisley stays with them. She has a fight with her sister and runs away. A boy finds her at a park and offers to let her stay with him and his mum until she finds a place to stay. Will Sophia end up staying with this boy and his mum longer than planned? Read to find out! No hate please! This is my first Movella. x


14. New Friends

We didn't wake up early enough for breakfast. Harry decided to go to the same park where we met. I was gonna curl my hair but I decided to just tie it into a high pony tail. I put on a cute pastel coloured skirt, a white top & brown ballet flats. I put on the tiniest amount of blush & some pink lipgloss. Harry was waiting in the living room. "Babe? I'm ready" I said, tapping his shoulder.

*Harry's P.O.V*

Sophia was stunning! Gorgeous! Beautiful! Perfect! "You're adorable, let's go" I said, walking to the door. I couldn't stop staring at her eyes. She's so perfect. We arrived at the park and there were two girls on the trampoline. I had a feeling they'd be a big part of my life, I don't know how but I just know. 

*Sophia's P.O.V*

I had a feeling the girls on the trampoline were gonna be a big part of my life.. I don't exactly know how, I don't know why, but I had a big feeling. "Hey, let's go talk to those girls!" I told Harry. Harry followed behind me. "Hi!" I said. "Hey! I'm Abigail but call me Abby. This is Summer." the smaller girl said. "Hi!" Summer, the taller one said. Then they saw Harry and froze. "That..that's..that's..that's.." Abby stuttered. "Har..ry..St.." Summer did the same. "Harry Styles, me boyfriend." They started laughing. "And this is my girlfriend Sophia" Harry said, hugging me from behind. Abby & Summer stopped laughing. 

"Oh, cool, Zayn, is single now, right?" Summer asked, smirking. "Yeah. How old are you guys?" Harry asked. "I'm 17 turning 18 in a week." Abby said, smiling. "I'm 18. Abby & I have been going to school together since grade 3 and now we're on summer break from year 12." Summer explained. "Yeah, we're best friends." Abby said. 

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