Love at First Sight

Sophia lives with just her sister Mae and occasionally her bestfriend Paisley stays with them. She has a fight with her sister and runs away. A boy finds her at a park and offers to let her stay with him and his mum until she finds a place to stay. Will Sophia end up staying with this boy and his mum longer than planned? Read to find out! No hate please! This is my first Movella. x


11. New Closet

*Sophia's P.O.V*

We went shopping at loads of shops, it was heaps fun! After a few hours I said, "Ok, that's enough, I've spent too much of your money, let's go." "Let's have lunch first!" Harry suggested. "You can, but I'm not that hungry." I said. "Did you have breakfast?" he asked. "Yep! Did you?" I asked, smiling. "Cause I saved you a pancake." I said. "No..I'll go home, eat my pancake & call in for pizza?" he asked. "Okay!" I said. Our drive home was silent, but it wasn't awkward. 

Harry scoffed down his pancake and grabbed the (home)phone. "What kind of pizza do you like?" Harry asked. "Margarita!" I said, smiling. He put the phone on speaker.



"Can I get a small Margarita for Sophia Cari please?"

"Any drinks?" 

"Erm, one bottle of coke"

"Anything else?"

"No, thankyou."

"Delivery or pick up?"

"Delivery please. *number* blah blah blah. (That was the adress)"

"Ok, thanks"

Harry hung up and we both plopped on the couch. Harry went through the recorded stuff to see if there's any good things he had recorded that we could watch. "Sophia! Why did you record iGo One Direction?"  he asked. I giggled, "Because! Please don't delete it, you didn't let me finish it last time!" I begged. "Deleting." he said, about to delete it. "Harry, no! Please, or I'll break up with you." I said. "No you wont." he said, laughing. He was right, but I wasn't gonna admit to it. I raised my eyebrows at him. "You're seriously going to break up with me over a TV show?" he asked, still laughing a tiny bit. No way! "Yes..!" I said. 

"Fine, I won't delete it!" he said. Yes! I organised my clothes colour coded in my wardrobe. Now, I felt more at home! But should I?

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