Another World (Book 1 )

when katie breaks up ith her boyfreind Dylan she never expected running in ONE DIRECTION


4. waking up


"liam  call a ambulance quick " i yelled 

i was staring a this girl she was gorgeous she had long curly brown hair she was

beautiful iwas soon snapped out of my thoughts with liam telling me the ambulance was here 

*Katie pov* 

i woke up in a hite room i tried to sit up and moaned in pain 

i soon heard a familiar irish voice saying 

EY YOUR AWAKE  i looked around seeing Niall Horan From ONE DIRECTION 

*DOnt  Fangirl * 

"hi" i replied 

"Hey how are you " 

"Confused " 


"cos 1/5 of my fave boyband and that happens to be my fave member is sat in front of me and im in a hospital " 

"o yea errrm hi and you rabn in to me and the boys you were crying and then you fell over cos you passed oput " 

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