Another World (Book 1 )

when katie breaks up ith her boyfreind Dylan she never expected running in ONE DIRECTION


6. Going home

katie pov 

a few minutes later a doctor came in to check on me and said that i would be able to leave soon

" would you li ke to come back to mine and the biys flat ? 2 niall asked 


"erm sure  " i replied wow this was  going to be funn 

niall ran out and got the boys they all came running in 

" boys this is " 

"katie " i said 

" Katie pretty name " zayn said 

i felt my checks go a bright red colour 

" HI " i said 

the doctor said i was ready to leave i smiled and thanked hime and niall helped me up of the bed 

and i thabked him he took me to there famous bright orange VW 


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