Another World (Book 1 )

when katie breaks up ith her boyfreind Dylan she never expected running in ONE DIRECTION


1. Break Up

"Bye mum " Katie shouted as she left the house she as going to meet her boyfriend Dylan for there day out katie was skipping don the street when her phone started to ring 


"Hello" said katie ]


"Hey i wanna break up" replied dylan

"WHAT" Katie replied 

with that  dylan hung up  

Katie started to run to the nearby park when she ran in to someone 




Me Eleanor and the boys were just walking through the park hen a girl ran into me at first i thought it as a fan but i soon realised she was upset 


"ow"n i screamed as i fell into a gorgeous boy with blondybrown hair and blue eyes

"re you ok " he asked as i passed out 

 * AN hey guys this is my first one so i have plenty of time to update probs do about 2_5 chapters a day love you * 


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