Happy 1D Hunger Games!

It's the Hunger Games, but there's a twist. Vix and Zay have known each other since they were born - but what will happen when her sister is called as a tribute? Will she take the place of her sister, and who else will she meet along the way?
Happy Hunger Games! this is basically an idea that I had, if you don't like it, then don't read it:)


3. Chapter 3

A/N for those of you who are reading, thankyou :)

Vix was standing still, listening to Effie Trinket, who was standing up on the stage, talking animatedly to the crowd of youths looking back at her solemnly. Vix glanced sideways at Zay, caught his eye, and smiled. With the words "Happy Hunger Games," and "May the odds be ever in your favour," she drew the name of the female tribute. There was complete silence - no-one dared interrupt it, as they all waited ominously for the name.

"Wispa Everdeen!"

Vix felt the air rushing past her ears - before she knew it, she acted upon her instinct and ran forward, crying, "I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!"
Everything that happened next seemed like a whirlwind of scenes to her - Wispa ran up to her, screaming "No!" while they tried to subdue the crowd so the male tribute's name could be drawn.

"Liam Mellark!"

Liam strolled up to the stage to join Vix, and she felt a wave of recognition - she knew him, somehow...
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