Happy 1D Hunger Games!

It's the Hunger Games, but there's a twist. Vix and Zay have known each other since they were born - but what will happen when her sister is called as a tribute? Will she take the place of her sister, and who else will she meet along the way?
Happy Hunger Games! this is basically an idea that I had, if you don't like it, then don't read it:)


2. Chapter 2

A/N - hello :) I'm sorry about the paragraphing, I am actually paragraphing but I have to upload on my iPod and I think there's a problem with the site on my iPod :/ oh well I'll try to sort it out:)

Wispa brushed her hair out, combing each strand. With her delicate hands, she carefully tied a neat ponytail. She heard the door of her room creak open.
"Vix - is that you?" She turned around, facing her back to the mirror.
Vix ran forward, enveloping her sister in a tight hug. "Don't worry - they won't choose you," she whispered into Wispa's hair, clutching her head. Releasing her sister from her bear hug, Vix thrust her hand into her pocket and pulled out a charm.
"It's a mockingjay," she said, handing it to her sister. "Take it - it will bring you good luck."
Wispa gasped - she couldn't take it, not from her sister. "I can't. It's yours."
Vix shook her head, laughing almost. She took her sister's hand in hers, opening the clenched fist, and placed the charm in the palm. She closed the fingers tightly over it, leaned over and kissed her sister's forehead, before letting go of her hand, and walked out of the room.

As she ran back to her camp, she felt
the cold air, brittle around her bare shoulders, bite into her skin. 
"Zay?" She called, wondering where he was.
There was no reply. Vixen called again, trying not to let worry cloud her mind. She cautiously crawled into their tent, and what she saw relaxed her immediately. Zayn was lying, curled up, asleep, with just a rug to cover him. She crawled over to him and gently tapped his shoulder.
"Mmmpphhh," he muttered. "I'mpphh sleeping."
"Zay, wake up, we have to go now! We have to watch the tributes of District 12 being chosen for the Hunger Games - my sister might be chosen, for God's sake! Get up now before I pull you out of the tent and drag you there - and I know how you like to make your hair look nice. so get up...!!"
Zay had the grace to look a little abashed. With a swift motion, he got up, and crawled out of the tent.
"Thank you," Vix said.
They left once they had made themselves look slightly more respectable.
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