Happy 1D Hunger Games!

It's the Hunger Games, but there's a twist. Vix and Zay have known each other since they were born - but what will happen when her sister is called as a tribute? Will she take the place of her sister, and who else will she meet along the way?
Happy Hunger Games! this is basically an idea that I had, if you don't like it, then don't read it:)


1. Chapter 1

Authors' Note: hey this is the first fanfic I've done:) please comment:) hope you enjoy it! it's kindof based on the hunger games in some respects, but not completely :) just felt like a bit of variation:) it's not exactly like the hunger games cos that would be a little predictable, I'm changing it:) anyway I'll shut up, hope you enjoy:)

Vix crouched beneath the bushes, her arrow aimed perfectly towards the deer. She drew back the arrow, the aroma of fresh undergrowth masking her scent. The arrow  was released, and it soared through the brambles. She heard a squeak of terror, then a thunk as the deer's body hit the ground.  The arrow had reached its target. Looking around nervously, she slung the animal over her body and walked back to her camp.

His voice came out of nowhere; it was as if he had been with her the whole time. Zay launched himself onto her back; she had always been quite strong. Having grown up together, they were incredibly close - they had hunted, ate, slept and laughed together since they were practically born. There was none of that boy-girl awkwardness between them, though they shared a bond of intimacy they shared with no-one else.

Laughing, Vix walked back to their camp, still carrying Zay on her back. His arms were slung around her neck while she held his scratched legs with her arms. When they finally arrived at the camp, her arms were feeling numb with strain, but she didn't complain. She was always happy when she was with Zay; her arms didn't particularly bother her at this moment.

As Zay slid off her back, she remembered the deer.
"Zay!" She said crossly. "You made me forget the deer I so cleverly caught!" She punched his arm playfully. "Now YOU'RE going to go and fetch it."
"Awww Vi, that's not fair," Zay moaned, his eyes twinkling. Nevertheless, he left the tent in search of the deer.

Vix sighed. She probably should have gone with him - she was already losing the laughter from just moments ago, already becoming lonely. She decided if she was going to use her time wisely, she should go
and gather some firewood for the two of them. As she picked up forest wood, careful not to give herself any splinters, her thoughts lingered upon Zay. They had so many fond memories together, she couldn't imagine what life would be like without him. Vix's real name was Vixen, but she hated it, so her parents, little sister and Zay all called her Vix or Vi. Zay's name was actually Zayn, but from the age of 8, he decided that it wasn't cool enough for him, so shortened it to Zay. Although they were residents of District 12, they spent their days and nights camping in the forests and woods, away from their families. Zay only had one member of his family left: his dad. Vix still had her mum and sister, but only got on with her sister.

Infact, one of the main reasons she left home was because of her and her mum's relationship - she only hoped Wispa, her little sister was coping without her. She had always been incredibly close to Wispa, and if anything happened to her... well, Vix did not know how she would be able to deal with the guilt that she hadn't been there to save Wispa. Vix still saw Wispa; her younger sister sometimes stayed with her and Zay at camp. Zay treated Wispa just as if she was his own little sister; he really missed his, who had died when he was 9.

When Vix had gathered enough firewood, she headed back to the camp, where she found Zay waiting for her.

"Haha Zay thanks for getting the deer! I'm sorry, I should have come with you..." She greeted him with a smile.

"No worries Vix, it wasn't exactly hard work... :)" he replied.
They just stood there awkwardly for a couple of seconds, and then Vix busied herself with starting the fire to cook the deer she had expertly caught for both herself and Zay. She cut up the meat, and place it on a spit.

"What are we gonna do with our lives,  are we just gonna live like we're living, forever? Or is there some bend in the road...??" Zayn asked, more to himself than to anyone else. He sat himself down on a log next to the fire, while Vix rotated the spit.
"I don't know..." Vix murmured.
"I've always wanted to settle down, maybe have kids," Zay said to himself; Vix heard this and flushed. This was a rather ominous subject, as they had never really discussed their intentions or feelings toward each other, and probably never would, to spare them the awkwardness of it all. In fact, they didn't really know completely where their feelings lay for one another... Vix definitely loved Zay, but only in a brotherly-sisterly way, right?
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