Second Life

Young 17 year old Katrina has to live a tragic life just to figure out who she really is. She meets a curious little girl who is apparently a ghost. This little girl knows every tiny piece to the puzzle of Katrina's life. How does she contact this little girl. She has to kill herself first. Read this story to find out if she risks her original life, to have a better second life, or if she lives in pain the rest of her 'original' life.

attention readers, the worst word in the story is probably hell. that's the max of bad words it gets to in this story. so don't worry about the f, b,or a word being in this story.


5. Why did i trust her

Drip, Drip, Drip. I fell faint. Like a ghost. i walk around in a white room, calling Emily's name. Until she finally came. Bloody hand prints and footprints trailed across the floor and the celieng. Blood drips down, one by one, creating a puddle on the floor. i hear echoing of laughter that's the sound of Emily's voice. Even though she came, i still couldn't see her. I fell on the floor out of no cause. Flashbacks, nightmares filled my mind. 

When i woke up, i was in the same room, this time i really could see Emily.

"Emily, where am I?" i asked

"You are where your second life begins."

"Why are you bleeding?"

"When i died, i still had blood in me. I can do whatever i want silly!"

"Oh, well, what am i supposed to do?" i asked. She giggled, but did not reply. Then she walked over to the blood puddle and stuck her hand in it. she came close to me and put her bloody palm on mine. 

"Now, you have my blood. I told you before what you have to do with it." she finished and disappeared. I broke into deep thoughts trying to remember what i have to do. Then, it hit me. I have to drink her blood. Since my hand didn't have enough blood on it, i walked over to the puddle and bent down. It reminded me of when i was about to drown myself. 

Do i really  trust this little girl? knowing the fact that she is a ghost, she probably is a little un- trustable. but, what are the odds if i don't drink her blood. I'll probably be stuck in this white room forever. I made my final  decision and stuck my lips in the puddle. i sucked in slowly and her blood ran down my throat. "It's too late now." i thought.

As the blood settled in, i began to feel sick. I threw up so hard, i felt my guts were going to fly out with the puke. When that terrible moment past, i just laid down and waited. Waited for something to change. Until it did. I blinked once, and saw Emily, but barley. I blinked again. She wasn't there. My third blink, she was standing so close, my nose can praticlly touch her dress. i feel her rough, crimpled hands curl around my neck. shey twist my head really fast , breaking my neck. Then i pass out. 

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