Second Life

Young 17 year old Katrina has to live a tragic life just to figure out who she really is. She meets a curious little girl who is apparently a ghost. This little girl knows every tiny piece to the puzzle of Katrina's life. How does she contact this little girl. She has to kill herself first. Read this story to find out if she risks her original life, to have a better second life, or if she lives in pain the rest of her 'original' life.

attention readers, the worst word in the story is probably hell. that's the max of bad words it gets to in this story. so don't worry about the f, b,or a word being in this story.


4. The drama begins in Juvi

"Emily?" Emily?" i called out. She didn't come back. Suddenly, a guard came up and gave me my food, then he said, "Here are the keys to your lock, you can go outside to eat it, or you can stay in here your choice."

"I think I'll go out there." I said firmly and walked towards the lunch tables. Thousands of other kids watched as i chose i seat. The girl who was sitting next to me grinned and said, "MOVE YOU JERK." 

"Don't tell me what to do." i said and put my plate down on the table. She stood up and looked about my age. Then, she took my food an threw it on the floor. 

"Why did you do that?" i asked.

"Because I can."

"Not  in my rule book."

"Do you really wanna mess with me?"

"Um, hey, let me see your arm, i love the flower you drew on it. And please. Your good in my book. We can be friends." i smiled. But ofcourse, i was kidding.

"Oh well thanks. You don't seem to bad your self. I'm Miley by the way."

"Nice to meet you Miley, I'm Katrina, may i take a closer look at your flower?"

"Sure, and sorry for being so mean to you."

"Thanks, and don't worry about it." i said then grabbed her arm. I pretended to look at it, but instead i twirled myself around without letting go of her hand. Then i twisted her arm a little more, and her arm broke. She broke out in tears and fell on the ground. 

"I would never be friends with a jerk like you. Go away loser." I said and walked back in my cellar. I saw a bowl of water and knew this would be my chance. i leaned towards the water and stuck my face in. First it felt good. Until the part where i couldn't breath, it went bad. I desired to lift me head out, but i knew that i couldn't stop what i was doing, because i had to do it. My head tried luring up, while my hand was keeping it down. I felt the last struggle of air float through me. Then it was over. Over for good. I had died.

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