Second Life

Young 17 year old Katrina has to live a tragic life just to figure out who she really is. She meets a curious little girl who is apparently a ghost. This little girl knows every tiny piece to the puzzle of Katrina's life. How does she contact this little girl. She has to kill herself first. Read this story to find out if she risks her original life, to have a better second life, or if she lives in pain the rest of her 'original' life.

attention readers, the worst word in the story is probably hell. that's the max of bad words it gets to in this story. so don't worry about the f, b,or a word being in this story.


6. Kissed by who was once an enemy

I wake up lying peacefully on a bed of flowers, in the middle of a vacant field. My neck didn't even hurt. In fact, it wasn't even broken. I lifted my body up and stood on my feet. A smile fell on my face and i started to dance. I guess i really could trust Emily. All i wanted to do was kiss and hug her rotten flesh. As scary as she looks, I don't care. She is my savor. I remembered my entire life. 

I made my way home and saw my mom looking threw a journal my dad made before he got murdered from a syco path. I saw as tears left her face, and tissues entered. As much as I wanted to see her, i knew this was not the right time because I didn't want to disturb her. I walked upstairs and went straight into my room. I then pulled out my phone which was hiding under my bed. As much as a jerk he was to me, I decided to text Bryce to let him know i love him as a friend, and I miss him. He replied not that long after saying," I forgive you and I love you too. As a friend :)." My heart pattered and my body fell weak. I dropped on my bed and snuggled in my covers. I was so happy to to have the opportunity of a new, better, second life.

The next day at school i hugged Mr. Hunter, telling him what a great teacher he is. Then, I went up to the principal and let her know what a great job she is doing. Last but not least, I went up to Bryce.

I hugged him for as long as possible, and never let go.

"Hey Kat! How ya doin?" he asked.

"Great!" I said and finally let go. 

"I just wanted to tell you, that I had-" I interuppted him with a kiss. "I know." I whispered and kissed him again. This time, I didn't care what Lindsey, his girlfriend, thought about us. I love Bryce. And no one is stopping me from it. 

" How did you know what i was gonna say?" he asked as he let go of the kiss.

" Haha, Bryce, I know you love me. Just admit it." I laughed, pretending I didn't know.

"Fine, I admit it. I love you Katrina." He smiled.

" I love you too." I replied and kissed him one last time.

"Its' just, what about Lindsey?" He asked me.

" Let me handle this one! Where is she?" I asked.

"She is right over there, next to the lunch tables.

"Ok, and, your coming with me." I said and grabbed his arm. I walked over to Lindsey and sat down at the tables, keeping a distance of her. I pretended I didn't see her, and that I was simply just minding my on buisiness with Bryce. By the corner of my eye. I noticed she was staring right at me. I grabbed Bryce by the shoulder and kissed him, for the 4th time. She stomped over to us and pushed Bryce's lips away from mine. Then, she slapped him in the face.

"HOW DARE YOU! IT IS OVER! BYE BRYCE!!!" She yelled and then exchanged looks with me. I was staring at her for a while and then got up closley to her face. 

"You are the biggest jerk I have ever met, and how dare you treat Bryce like a bad person when really, you are the worst one here. Get a life Lindsey." I groaned. She walked away with a frown on her face while in the meanwhile i was smiling and waving goodbye. 

"So, did that fix your problem?" I asked Bryce.

"It sure did." He whispered and instead of me kissing him. It was him kissing me. 

" I love you Bryce. And not as a friend." I smiled and at the same time, a tear dripped down my face in  in the form of my dimples. 

"I love you too." He whispered back and kissed me for the 100th time, but never let go.


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