Second Life

Young 17 year old Katrina has to live a tragic life just to figure out who she really is. She meets a curious little girl who is apparently a ghost. This little girl knows every tiny piece to the puzzle of Katrina's life. How does she contact this little girl. She has to kill herself first. Read this story to find out if she risks her original life, to have a better second life, or if she lives in pain the rest of her 'original' life.

attention readers, the worst word in the story is probably hell. that's the max of bad words it gets to in this story. so don't worry about the f, b,or a word being in this story.


3. Emily

I awoken in a dark cellar. I was dresses in an orange outfit. I was in Juvi. The rotten smell of throw up swifted through the air. People were screaming mercy. Yelling at each other. I slowly stood up and walked around my 'cage'. I heard a noise. A whisper name?

"Hello?" i said curiously. No reply. It's probably just my mind. My mentally screwed up mind that is. I sat down again and closed my eyes for a minute. When i opened them, there was a girl standing in front of me. A girl who looked liked the girl in the description on my computer.

"WHO ARE YOU?" i said scared.

"I'm your answer." she whispered and gave me a smile. I stood up and started to walk closer to her.

"My answer, you mean, the answer to my life?"

"Yes." she giggled.

"That's impossible! I have to die first."

"Tehe, silly you. How could you believe that stuff?

"It...It was all a lie?


"Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Emily. I died thousands of years ago. I'm just a ghost."

"Emily? What's your purpose? How can i see you?"

"Everyone can see me. Well, everyone who's in a situation like you."

"So, you're here to help me? 

"Yes, I am."

"You seem to real and sweet for your looks though."

"Well, that's what people say, before i killed them."

"Killed them? No, no ,no. You are evil? How???"

"I'm only evil and kill people when i don't like them, or for feeding."

"So, are you gonna kill me? Where's your parents anyway?"

"I murdered my parents. They tried to cook me in an oven and poisen me with 'sleeping tea' but since i have, or had a demon inside me, it didn't work. I certainly didn't want to die. Which they knew how to kill me. So i had to kill them first.And, no, i won't kill you. I like you. Anyway, i don't like to talk about it. What's your story?"

"Well first of all, I'm sorry that happened and i know you don't like to talk about it, but how did you get a demon inside you?"

"I can't explain. Nobody really knows anyway.

"Oh, well, I was suspended from school. Multiple reasons. Like, i screamed at my teacher. And i punched my principal in the face I pretty much have no friends, and now I'm here. Do you know why I'm acting this way? I don't want to live my life as a bad person."

"Yes, i know why. The demon that was inside me, left into your body. To kill that demon is to kill yourself. Best possible way is to drown."

"Yah but, how do i survive after death?"

"That's where i come in. It seems impossible but, your going to have to drink some of my blood. which, don't worry, it won't turn you into somebody like me. You'll be normal and have a better new life. So basicly, your going to have a second life." 

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