If Love Was Easy ~One Direction~

Elle's life was easy, she had friends, she had a mother but once her mother takes her own life she has no where to go but to UK to live with her father and step-mother. Here she must get along with her new family, make new friends, and maybe fall in love but it isn't as easy as it seems.
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6. Welcome To Forest-Hill High


The holidays finally passed and Elle just changed into her new school uniform. Re-adjusting her skirt so it rose a little higher than the knee, she observed herself in the mirror for the fifth time this morning. “Elle you look fine, but Lou is getting awfully impatient.” Niall reassured her as he leant against the door frame. She gave Niall a soft smile, before reaching for her bag and throwing it over the shoulder and following him down the stairs. The past couple days they’ve grown close, really close. Following Niall into the living room where Louis sat fidgeting on the couch.

“We can go now,” Elle stated before giving Niall a warm hug. Louis grabbed his keys and headed for the door, opening it to yet another chilly day. Honestly, Elle missed California weather, sun and beach every weekend but she’s slowly getting used to it.

“Good luck,” Niall whispered in her ear. Leaning back, she gives him a quick smile before turning towards the door and following Louis towards the car.


Elle fiddled her thumbs, as she waited in the reception of the school, Louis calmly sitting beside her. Jo and her father left a couple days ago for business trips and won’t be home till tonight for dinner. Elle exhales as an office lady calls her name. “You’ll be fine,” Louis assures her before gently guiding her towards the counter.

“Hello Elle welcome to Forest-Hill High. This is your timetable,” she muttered handing over a green piece of paper, “and this is just a map of the school in case you get lost. Your first class this morning is English.” Elle nodded, taking in all the information. “Oh Lana dear, can you please show Elle to English block.” The lady directed to a brunette haired girl walking by.

The girl chirped, “Sure Ms Walker.” Smiling wide, she took the timetable from the bench and scanned it. “Lovely, you’re in my English class. We have Ms Cole. Don’t worry, she’s nice. I’m Lana, by the way, Lana Boydell.” Raising her hand to meet Elle’s before they both shake.

“Hi, I’m Elle, Elle Tomlinson.” She smiles back before turning her attention to the left of her, “And this is my brother Lou.”

“I know I’m secretly a huge fan.” Lana replied more to Louis than Elle. Louis smiled before returning his gaze to Elle.

“I gotta go but I’ll pick you up this afternoon, have fun.” Louis said before pulling a hoodie over his head and walking out the door.

“Bye,” Elle uselessly said as he was already gone. Lana, still smiling, walked out of the office and Elle had no choice but to follow.


Slowly making their way around the school, Lana pointed out the library, only a place for the nerds, the cheerleaders and jocks down on the field for early morning practice, and informed her of all the rules of how not to look like a slutty Lizzie. Apparently, she’s the head cheerleader, she couldn’t remember much Lana was just saying it all at once and it was going through one ear and out of the other.


Classes flew by quickly and Lana was right, Ms Cole was very nice. It was going to be an easy year, hopefully. Looking at her timetable, Elle sighed “Science, I hate science.”

“Don’t worry I don’t think the teacher would expect much from you, you being new and all.” Lana shrugged as she walked into a grassy courtyard. The sun was shining unexpectedly and found its way to a nice grassy patch where two girls were gossiping. Lana made way towards them, before sitting down. Elle slowly followed, not knowing if she should join them or not.

“Guys, this is Elle. She’s new, all the way from California.” Lana said, ushering her over. Elle sat uncomfortably on the grass. “Elle this is Bailey and Hayley.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you,” the brunette girl greeted with a hand shake, which Elle believe to be Bailey

“Yeah you too,” Elle smiled. Elle only got a wave from the red-head as the girl’s mouth was occupied with a sandwich.

Before they could continue gossiping, Elle’s pocket vibrated before a loud custom ringtone yelled, ‘Hey Elle, it’s Lou answer your phone!’ Rolling her eyes at the lame tone, she pulled it out of her pocket. All the boys added they’re numbers into her phone and added custom ringtones so she knows they’re calling.

She answers the call before raising it to her ear, “What’s up Lou?”

“Hey Elle, how’s school going?”

“Yeah okay, think I found a nice bunch of girlies to hang with.”

Louis chuckled before releasing the tension in his cheeks. Elle pulled the phone away from her ear, pressing the loudspeaker. The girls all yelled a hello before Louis replied with a kind hello back. Elle smiled wildly before taking it off loudspeaker and returning it to her ear.

“Elle I can’t pick you up this afternoon, Simon has called us into town and wants to talk to us. Could you find a way home, possibly?”

“Yeah, okay Tommo. I guess I could.” Elle answered drearily not really want to ask her new friends for a ride home. She barely knew them and she didn’t want them to think of her any differently if they see her house.

Louis sighed, he hated doing this but it was Simon and it sounded important, “I’ll see you for dinner.”

Elle was the first to hang up, I guess that’s fame.


The bell eventually rang, and Elle headed for science. Walking into the classroom, she already saw the students seating and the teacher writing on the board. Elle quickly made her way to the back seat next to a boy who was opening his book.

“Welcome, Miss Tomlinson. I know you’re new but that doesn’t mean you can be late.” The anger rose through the teacher’s voice, she didn’t even turn away from the board until she finished speaking and turning around giving a deep, dark stare to Elle. Elle looked back, showing no hurt or guilt on her face, giving the teacher no control. She was from America; no teacher will ever make Elle feel lower than she needs to be.

“Today, you’ll be reading the text from pg. 147, atoms, and you will answer the questions 1-13 before continuing onto the next page,” the teacher demanded.

The boy pushed the text book next to her before he whispered, “Fancy seeing you here.” 

Turning to look at him, Elle noticed it wasn’t just a student it was Xavier. She smiled the thought of knowing someone in the class now made things a lot simpler “can say the same for you.”

Xavier returned a smile before putting his attention back to the work at hand. Elle scribbled on her book, as Xavier jotted down the answers with ease. She was never good at science and never will be. Tapping her pen, she gazed around the silent room, the teacher looking up every now and then.


Xavier looked up, the teachers face filled with pleasure as if she was about to get someone in trouble, then he followed her gaze to Elle beside him. There she sat scribbling; her page filled with pictures, no answers, nothing. Nudging Elle with his elbow, he pushed his notebook towards her, “Copy it before the teacher eats you.” He whispered.

Elle’s gazed reached the teacher, he was right, she was about to gobble her up. She gripped her pen tighter, “Thanks,” and began copying.


Eventually the final bell rung and everyone began to collect their belongings while the teacher rattled off a list of things for homework. Throwing the heavy text book into her back, before throwing it over her shoulder, Elle puffed. She faced Xavier, stopping him from exiting the row of seats. Thanking him once again before she turned to leave.

Walking to her locker that Lana guided her to earlier that day, Xavier's voice startled her as he called out, “Elle,” he puffed as he caught up to her. He rested a shoulder against the lockers and started breathing more slowly before continuing, “You want a ride home?” 

Placing unwanted books into her locker, then closing and locking it she too then leaned against the lockers. She shrugged. “I guess.”

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