If Love Was Easy ~One Direction~

Elle's life was easy, she had friends, she had a mother but once her mother takes her own life she has no where to go but to UK to live with her father and step-mother. Here she must get along with her new family, make new friends, and maybe fall in love but it isn't as easy as it seems.
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1. The Royal Treatment


Elle looked out of the window as the taxi slowly made its way up the long, fancy drive-way. Bushes of every colour flowers filed on either side of the driveway and went all the way to the front of the house. She tugged her earphones out of her ears, allowing them to fall to her lap and stopped the music playing through her old Nokia C2. She always wanted an iPhone, just like all her friends but mother could never afford it. She sighs as she scans the huge house in front of her, every brick in its place, every window sparkling clean, every rose blooming. A statue of cupid stood in the front garden, surrounded by more flowers, water falling from its mouth and his arrow into a pool of water below, holding water lilies.

“Here we are madam,” informed the driver, his green eyes stared at Elle from the rear-view mirror.

“Thank-you,” Elle says opening the door, picking up the phone from her lap and made her way slowly out of the car, trying to avoid hitting her head on the roof.  Walking to the rear of the car, where the driver now struggled with her suitcase. She pulled her grey duffle bag over her shoulder and took her suitcase in her right hand then walked towards two big oak doors. The taxi pulled out of the driveway and turned into the street, among many other flashy cars. I kind of expected a welcome party. Elle sighs and rings the doorbell. I hear the chimes ring followed by some light clickity-clacking footsteps. The door opened wide to show two little girls, twins, in princess dresses and plastic heels, Cute.

“‘ello,” one of them said, looking up to me. Her hair is pulled back into a long braid falling peacefully against yellow silk, Sleeping Beauty? She turns her gaze to the other girl dressed in a light blue gown, he hair pulled up into a fancy bun, with a plastic princess crown sitting on her head, Cinderella.

“Hey there, you guys must be Phoebe and Daisy, am I right?” They nodded excitedly, as if it was a magic trick that Elle knew their names. “Is my father here, Kevin?” They both look at each other, smiles turn into confused frowns.

“Daddy, I think it’s for you.” The two girls giggled in unison as they ran off back into the house only being replaced by a many no older than the age of forty-five. He looked her up and down, taking in all of her features. She did the same. It’s been many years since she’s seen her father. Mother always talked bad about him and his new wife and they lived in the UK so she never got to visit.

“Hello father,” Elle says breaking the silence.

“Hello darling,” Kevin replied a wide grin on his face before pulling her into a tight hug. “Oh I’ve missed you so much. You’re all grown up.” He quickly spoke, letting her go to take another look before pulling her back into another hug.

“It’s nice to see you to dad.” Elle tried to giggle in her dads embrace. The man finally let go of his daughter and after giving her one last look he quickly added, “Let’s introduce you to everyone.” He pulled her luggage into the house and left it by the door before guiding her through to what was their lounge room. It was nothing compared to Elle’s lounge room back in California. All she had was a squared TV-box thing and a moth-eaten lounge. The things in just this room would’ve added up to the cost of her whole house: cream shaggy carpet covered the ground; an off-white leather lounge sitting on top of it; hanging off the wall in front of that was a TV as big as her single bed; cream curtains hung, covering the windows; a glass coffee table sat on a Persian rug and a big stereo sound system sat under the TV.

“What do you do for work?” Elle asked, mesmerised at all the possessions he has.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” Kevin winked and Elle laughed. She never did know what her father did. “As for my wife, Jo, she’s a flight attendant. Both our jobs give us barely any time at home, so basically you’ll be here with just the kids.” He added. “Girls, come down here please.” Feet scattered around upstairs before four girls walked into the room and stood in front of dad.

“Girls, I’d like you to meet my daughter, Elle. She’s going to be staying with us from now on.” The girls all said hello as dad introduced each of them and I gently returned a smile.

“I thought there was a son?” Elle asked, remembering her mum talking about him. Apparently, he was ugly, self-absorbed and dis-respectful.

“He should be home soon, as well as Jo but for now, how about Lottie shows you to your room and you can freshen up before dinner.” Kevin suggests, and Elle agrees as the sound of a long hot shower sounds really good right now.

Lottie, the eldest daughter, leads Elle up the stairs and to the right and opened the first door on the right. “This is your room, it used to be the guests but I guess it’s yours now.” Lottie shrugs before walking into the room and stopping just at the end of a bed. I walk into the bedroom that was supposably mine. It was so big and right in the middle of the room stood the most comfiest-looking bed I have ever seen.  My bags sat on the edge of the bed and you could easily tell they didn’t belong. The bedspread was styled of different sized squares of pastel blues, pinks, purples and greens. The top of the bed was covered in many pillows in the same colours with patches of white showing up from the sheets underneath. A window sat behind the bed, the white wooden blinds closed blocking out the sunset. A creamed double door stood by, next to that was a single cream door.

“Behind the double door is your closet, your dad got that renovated so it’s bigger for you and mum and I went shopping so there’s some clothes in there for you. We can go shopping, if you like, before we go back to school. It’d be great to know more about you,” Lottie suggested.

“That’d be nice,” Elle replied softly. She never had siblings and now she has five. A woman in about her late 30’s walks out of the single door. Her black hair is tied into a tight bun on the top of her head. She wore a black maid outfit.

“That is Victoria, she’s our cleaner and George prepares all our meals, seeing mum and Kevin are never here.” Lottie states, as the maid smiled at them both.

“I just put fresh towels in there for you miss,” she says looking at Elle.

“Thank you, please just call me Elle.” Elle was never a formal girl, never got the royal treatment and had to do chores.

“That door,” Lottie continued pointing to the single door, “leads to your bathroom and there’s a door in there that goes straight into your closet. I’m next door, Louis’ room is across from you but he’s barely ever here. So if you need anything…”

“I’ll be sure to come looking. Thanks Lottie.” Elle gave her a warm smiling before she walked out and into her own room.

The bathroom was tiled white and the shower connected to the bath, which had jets in it. Elle silently squeal to herself in excitement before undressing and jumping into the shower. The water run down my face and back as she indulged herself in the strawberry scented wash. It’d felt like only minutes before a knock came from the door followed by her father’s voice, “Elle dinner is ready.”

“I’ll be down soon.” She calls out as she turned the taps off and wrapped a towel around her body and another around her head before heading into her closet. Her closet was like a mini-mall; pastel blue and pink poufs sat in the middle; shoes of all sorts - Converses, High-heels, flats, filled a quarter of the wall - jackets, blazers and tops filled the rest of the wall. On the other wall was bottoms - shorts, jeans, skirts and a few casual and formal dresses were furtherer away. What was Lottie talking about going shopping; I have clothes that could last my lifetime in here! Elle thinks to herself. She finds a pyjama draw and pulls out some grey shorts and a plain white tee. Dropping the towel she slips into some fresh underwear and bra before pulling the tee over her head then adding the pants.

She meets up with Lottie on the landing, giving her a warm smile, before both of them head down the stairs and into a kitchen smelling of freshly-cooked chicken and vegetables. She pulls into a seat next to one of the twins though she can’t tell which one it is as the princess gowns have been replaced by polka-dotted pyjamas, so she just shares a smile before digging into her food.

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