If Love Was Easy ~One Direction~

Elle's life was easy, she had friends, she had a mother but once her mother takes her own life she has no where to go but to UK to live with her father and step-mother. Here she must get along with her new family, make new friends, and maybe fall in love but it isn't as easy as it seems.
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5. Nightmare Buddies


Elle sprung up, as if something bit her back. If only it was that simple. The nightmare returned once more and the horrifying pictures circled around her head. Sweat beaded down Elle’s face as her vision refocused around her darkened bedroom. A streak of moonlight shone across her floor making a dim outline of everything in her room. Slithering out of her bed, she makes her way towards her door and onto the landing. The house was silent and every floorboard creaked softly as Elle stepped slowly down the staircase.


After pouring a cold glass of water, Elle slouched into the leather lounge in the living room with the fire still blazing keeping the house protected by winter’s cold touch. Pulling a woolly blanket up to her chin, she stared blankly at the fire, looking for answers even though her questions were unclear.

Knowing she won’t be able to sleep again, Elle pulls a little red leather book off the coffee table and scans the front cover, Romeo & Juliet. Rolling her eyes at the pathetic love story, Elle flipped the book open and began to read.


Niall trudged down the stairs, one by one, trying not to miss one and fall. He rubbed his wearily eyes before turning into the kitchen and pulling out leftovers from dinner. After placing the Spaghetti Bolognese in the microwave to heat, Niall reaches for a fork. The silence was disturbed by a soft snore, coming from the next room.

Pulling his warm spaghetti out of the microwave, he went to investigate the sound. A white woolly blanket lay scrunched on the couch with a messy patch of brown hair sticking out at the top, resting comfortably on the couch’s arm.

He sat in an armchair, watching and eating, the dim fire light making patterns around the walls and on Elle’s peacefully face. It looked as if she was smiling; dreaming maybe and he couldn’t help but smile too. Why Louis? Why’d you make us swear, why, Niall’s thoughts thrashed around his head. Getting up before he’d make a fool of himself, Niall kicked silently at the air. His foot stops in mid-air as it collides with a hard object and pain shoots up through his leg before he lets out a silent scream.


A disturbed moan comes from behind him and he knows she’s awoken. Shit, Niall whispers to himself before turning back around to Elle. Slowly resting his knees on the ground so he came face to face with Elle, “Elle, you’ve fallen asleep. You should get back to bed. It’s probably more comfortable then the couch.”

All Niall got was an mmm before she pulled herself up off the couch and wandered towards the staircase, Niall following close behind.

It took a good five minutes for Elle to reach the top landing, with the help of Niall, before she could enter her room and drop onto her bed. Smiling, Niall tucked her in, pulling the sheets over her and then the duvet. Giving her a slight peck on the cheek, he whispered a goodnight before retreating for the door just when Elle’s voice startled him. “Stay with me.”

Niall turned back to her to see her resting up on her elbows, patting the empty space next to her.

“Elle, I can’t. How about I get Lou?”

But that option didn’t please her. Shaking her head she continued slowly, “I don’t like the nightmares, please Niall. It won’t mean anything.”

Niall looked back at the open door; in the hallway Louis’ bedroom door was visible. Please don’t kill me Lou, Niall thought to himself before closing the door and cautiously sliding in next to Elle.


Morning came too soon, and Niall was awoken by the sun’s rays gleaming through the blinds and onto his face. Moaning, he tries to cover them with his hand before turning over and shoving his face into the soft pillow.

“Better get out before Lou wakes up Nialler,” Elle’s soft voice warned him.

“Shit!” Niall softly yelled before jumping out of the bed and running towards the door, pulling the door open just when Elle’s voice startled him. “Thanks Niall.”

Niall turned in the entrance of the bedroom, “Anytime Elle.”

Niall smiled and with that headed out of the bedroom and down into the kitchen for breakfast. He had no idea what his feelings were for Elle. She was pretty and smart and kind- no Niall! Thoughts raced through his head but no matter what they always led back to Elle’s delicate face sleeping.


Louis’ voice alarmed Niall, as he walked into the kitchen. “You’re up early.”

“Yeah, couldn’t sleep,” Niall quickly lied, not looking up from his bowl of cereal, before Louis helped himself to some of his own breakfast.


Silence filled the room, as they both sat across from each other, eating just like any normal day. Though this time, Niall was hiding something and Louis could tell. He was just waiting for him to blurt it out. It wasn’t that easy for Niall to keep secrets. Louis doesn’t remove his gaze from his best friend while he bites into his toast.


Elle’s voice startled them making them both jump. “Good morning.”

“Morning Elle,” They both chorused together while she made her way pass the table and towards the fridge and pulling out a carton of milk and towards the table, kicking the door closed with her foot.

Elle shares a quick smile with Niall as she sits down and starts pouring her cereal.

“Okay, what the hell is going on,” Louis suddenly raged, scaring the both of them, “and don’t say nothing cause there is definitely something between you two.”

Two shocked faces stared at Louis from his sudden outburst before looking at each other and making the room filled with loud laughs.

“Me and Niall,” Elle said through giggling as she moved a finger from her to Niall repeatedly, “Please Lou you’re being ridiculous. Like honestly, I can do so much better than my brother’s best friend.”

“And I can do so much better than your sister Lou. I mean, I’m in One Direction. I can get whoever I want.” Niall’s cocky voice rose through thunders of cackles.

“HEY! That’s not nice!” Elle said, punching Niall’s arm.

“Ouch, that hurt Elle!” Niall sarcastically yelled, rubbing his arm dramatically.

More laughs filled the room, from the two, before Louis shook his head and left the room, “You guys are so weird.”

- - -

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