If Love Was Easy ~One Direction~

Elle's life was easy, she had friends, she had a mother but once her mother takes her own life she has no where to go but to UK to live with her father and step-mother. Here she must get along with her new family, make new friends, and maybe fall in love but it isn't as easy as it seems.
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2. A Deadly Welcome Gift

Elle lies on her back on her new bed and smile as she gets lost in the carved patterns on the ceiling. A hurried and rather loud conversation was brewing just outside of her door.

“You will make her feel welcomed Louis!” A female voice rose.

“She’s not even my sister; we are in no way related. This is so not cool mum!” A male voice whined back. Louis? Elle thought. The lady must be dad’s wife then. Elle lies on her bed, quietly listening.

“Go for a late swim, with the boys and invite her.”

“Mum, I don’t want to okay!”

“Louis William Tomlinson. You will go to her and ask.” Louis’ mums snaps. Note to self: Don’t get on her bad side. Elle thinks making a mental note.

“Better do what mummy says Boo Bear,” a thick British accent teases and Elle can’t help but giggle.

“Fine,” Louis growls in defeat. Elle pretends she didn’t hear anything and casually flicks through a magazine when Louis walks in. Elle’s mother wasn’t entirely right. Yeah he was self-centred well from what Elle thought, based on what just happened but he was in NO WAY ugly. He was fit, his brown straight hair was pushed to one side and the back was all messy. He wore a white, tight tee like Elle’s which tugged nicely against his perfectly cut body. Elle gaze returned back to her magazine like he was nothing. He didn’t want anything to do with her so she didn’t want anything to do with him.

“Hey, I’m Louis, Jo’s son.” He said, leaning up against the door frame. Elle didn’t reply, only flipped the page of the magazine. He continued, “Well, the guys and I are going for a swim you can join if you like.” Elle stayed silent she knew this game, she wasn’t stupid. Louis easily gave up and walked out of her room.

Minutes past, and all of the boys were in the hallway. Louis left Elle’s door open and she could feel all the boys glance at her but she didn’t dare look up, instead she flipped the page once again. “Come on guys, she doesn’t want to.” Louis grumbled from the hallway, the boys all sighed and Elle hid her smile behind the magazine. She didn’t drop it till she heard them making their way down the stairs. Jumping up off the bed, she hurried to her closet and searched through her swimmer’s draw. Finally finding a nice, simple, deep purple bikini, she ditched her pyjamas and threw them on. Not wanting to look suspicious, Elle dropped back onto her bed and continues flipping through the magazine, not even bothering to take in the words.

The clock on her bedside table read 10 o’clock and Elle thought it was about time to head down, she grabbed a towel from the bathroom and made her way into the hallway. She went down the stairs, passing Victoria with a basket of washing, “Late night swim?”

“Yes, I hope you guys have heating,” Elle jokes. Victoria just smiles before carrying on up the stairs. Elle reaches the bottom of the stairs and turns right, walks past the lounge room, then what looked like a study from what Elle could see through the gap in the door, then past the laundry on the right of her then a back door, which opened into a back porch, and a pool not too far off to the right, a swing and cubby-house over to the left, in which during the day would be shaded from the tall tree leaning over it. The small woods sat just only metres away.

 The group of boys were splashing pathetically in the pool but all stopped when they noticed Elle walking over, towel hanging over her shoulder. There were sensor lights all around the back yard and the pool lights were on so it looked like a normal dim-lighted day. Elle ditched the towel on a sun lounge and easily dived into the water, barely breaking the water, and glided all the way to the end in one breath and back again. Not paying any attention to the boys, she jumped back out and wrapped the towel around her and headed for the house slowly.

Instantly, she regretted it. Her feet left the ground as she was tugged over someone’s shoulder. She thrashed and punched and kicked as Louis carried her back to the pool. “I don’t know where you come from but this is how we swim here,” he stated and dropped Elle into the pool, towel and all. The water wrapped around her body once again. The towel sticks to her and she starts to sink. She struggles. Turning in circles she tries to unwrap it but another splash comes from beside her making it difficult. She kicks her legs, trying to resurface, but it’s useless, the towel’s too heavy. Arms wrap tightly around her and she’s lifted to safety, on the edge of the pool.

“Harry get me a towel,” Louis yells, as he lays Elle onto her side, water spurting out of her mouth. Harry, a curly headed boy, wraps the towel around Elle and gently taps her back. Elle’s breathing returns back to normal and she rolls onto her back and looks up at the stars.

“Louis why would you do that,” another voice comes from the side of Elle.

“I didn’t mean for her to drown Niall! It was supposed to be a joke!” Elle finds her feet, “Are you okay Elle?”

“You just fucking drowned me Louis, does it look like I’m fucking okay?!” Elle shrieks and with all the strength she’s got she pushes him back into the pool, “Thanks for the welcome gift, dick,” and walks away.


Beads of sweat run down Elle’s face as she sits up straight in her bed. Her legs found their way free of the tangled blankets and she brought them to her chest. All she remembers was her mum’s lifeless-body and a loud high-pitch scream, her own scream. Tears leaked from her eyes.  A bang came from her door as someone threw it open. “Elle? Elle what’s wrong?” Louis worried voice filled the dark room. The lights switched on and Louis stood at the door in his boxers and tee.

“I don’t need you, go away.” Elle choked through her tears. She dragged the blankets up to her head and pulled it over. The bed sunk low and she knew Louis wasn’t going anywhere. He drowns me and now he wants to take care of me? What the hell is wrong with this boy? Elle thinks. “Louis, go away.”

“Elle, I’m not going away till you tell me what’s wrong?” Then there was silence. Ten minutes pass and still no answer, Elle though maybe if she didn’t he’d go away but she was wrong. Louis pulled the blanket back over Elle’s body and wiped her teary cheeks. She stayed silent. Leaning back onto the bed, she turned sideways, towards Louis. His green-blue eyes watching her, as he pushed away a strand of her hair. He laid down and dragged the blanket over the two of them. Elle gives in, he wins. She wraps her arm around his body and pulls him close, resting her head on his chest. Louis didn’t reject her movements; instead he pulled placed his arm on her back and began rubbing soothing circles continuously.

“Did father tell you why I’m here?” Elle finally asked, looking up at Louis. Louis chest rose then sunk and faintly nodded. She looked away and rested her head back on his chest. “I miss her Lou.”

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