If Love Was Easy ~One Direction~

Elle's life was easy, she had friends, she had a mother but once her mother takes her own life she has no where to go but to UK to live with her father and step-mother. Here she must get along with her new family, make new friends, and maybe fall in love but it isn't as easy as it seems.
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3. A Day In London


Elle’s heavy eyes lifted as the morning sun made its way through the blinds, filling the room with light. Her hand slides down skin, Louis’ skin. She jumps back, surprised then remembers the event of last night, her nightmares, her mother, Louis. She loosens his grip around her body and pulls the blankets off and heads slowly for the shower, trying not to disturb Louis in the process.

Louis awakes as he hears the shower turn on. He yawns and stretches and slowly gets out of the bed. Picking up his tee, he knocks on the bathroom door. “Elle, I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.” She calls out before turning off the tap and wrapping a towel around her. She heads into her closet, shocked yet again, at how many clothes she has. She flicks through them and finally decides on some high-waisted black shorts and a galactic tiger tee tucked in. Not worrying about shoes, she walks out of her closet and finds Louis gone.

Walking into the hallway she hears loud chatter coming from the room next door. Poking her head in, she sees the group of boys all sitting on Louis bed. His room was more…manly? A white bed with a dark blue cover was resting against a blue feature wall. Bean bags were in the corner and a few photo frames where hung on the walls. “Morning boys,” Elle sung.

“Morning Elle,” they all chorused back making her smile. She closes the door and heads down the stairs and into the kitchen. George, the cook, was just plating the last waffle when Elle took her seat.

“Good morning Elle,” he greeted before placing a plate of waffles in front of her.

“Morning George, these look bloody delicious!” Elle replies, looking down at her plate before picking up her fork and digging into them.

“Boys, breakfast!” His voice yelled, towards the stairs and in a matter of milliseconds the boys were trampling down the stairs.


Louis took a sip of milk before answering, “Elle, we can’t all go into town we’ll get swamped.” Elle looked at him pleadingly. She wanted to go into town, she wanted to see everything: the tower bridge; the London eye; everything!

“C’mon Lou, please! I don’t have anyone to go with. It’ll be fun.” Elle eyes filled with content as Louis looked to the others, they all shrugged.

“I suppose we could for a couple hours,” Harry finally spoke, more to Louis than Elle. Louis sighs and finally gives in. Elle squeals in excitement and raises a finger to say, ‘one minute’, and runs up the stairs and into her closet finding some black ballet flats and chucking them on before grabbing her phone and running back down the stairs and around the corner only to stop in front of the closed door that lead to, what Elle supposed it to be, a study. She knocked three times as she caught her breath. “Come in,” her dad’s voice rang through the wooden door and she entered. It was dark and only lit by the desk lamp, giving the room and outline look. She only took three steps in before speaking.

“Morning dad, the boys and I are going into town.”

“Splendid, they deserve a day off. Can you turn the light on darling?” Elle flicks a switch nearby brightening the room. Her dad sat behind a mahogany desk in a matching chair. Two of the same chairs sat in front of the desk, a brown leather lounge sat to the right and a book case covered a whole wall behind Elle. He continued, “Please sit Elle, I’ve wanted to talk since you got here.” Kevin pointed to a seat in front of him and Elle quietly closed the door before making her way towards the seat.

Elle lounged in the seat as her dad rattled of a list of rules. “Firstly, you will be going to Louis’ old school, and you will try your best. It’s your last year and your studies are extremely important Elle, no gaggling around with boys and getting into mischief. Our family, as you may know, have a reputation to keep.” Elle nodded to inform him that she understood. Then he continued, “The boys, however, are only here till holidays end, then they’ll be going to America, after that they’ll be coming back here then off to Australia and New Zealand for a promo tour, so spend the days wisely Elle. Get along with each of them, be kind, and be grateful for the time you’re given because we don’t get much as we’d like. And Elle try not to fall for them.”

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!” Elle wails, rolling her eyes in the process.

 “Okay, just warning you. You can take the car into town and if you ask Louis nicely he might let you drive.” Kevin throws a set of keys at Elle and she catches them with ease before she turns out of the room. “Oh and take Lottie and Fizz with you.”




Elle parallel parked into an empty space easily. She smiled to herself; she always had trouble parking when she first got her licence back home. Louis, in the passenger seat, had to remind her to stay on the left side as she steered into the right lane a few times on the way into the city. Turning off the engine than unbuckling her seatbelt she grabbed her bag and jumped out of the car excitedly, looking around in awe. Once everyone was out she turned back around and locked the car before following Louis to their destination. Louis made his way to an ice-cream parlour close-by.

With everyone inside, Louis began to order. Searching his back pocket for his wallet, but he felt nothing except his jeans, no lump. “Shit,” he whisper-yelled. “I left my wallet in the car.” He informed the others. Sighs came from everyone around him and the old lady behind the counter stopped scooping. Her grey eyes scanned the crowd.

“Sorry sir, but you do have to pay.”

“It’s okay, we will.” Louis said to the lady before she started scooping again.

“I’ll go get it Lou.” Elle said, scrambling through her bag for the keys. He nodded as he handed Lottie a cone with chocolate ice-cream.

“I’ll go with her.” Niall murmured before following Elle out of the shop’s doors. Louis eyed Niall through the glass. Don’t even think about it Niall.  Louis thought to himself before turning back to the old lady behind the counter.

The two roamed down the streets of London finding the car. Niall’s eye wandered over to Elle: her brown curly hair bouncing up off her back; her gorgeous green eyes watching for cars as they crossed a street; she was unbelievably gorgeous to Niall.

Elle barely twisted her neck to her right before her eyes locked with big, crystal blue eyes. She simply smiled before turning her head back awkwardly. Walking around a corner, they finally reach the car.

Elle glared at herself through the rear-view mirror. She was always self-conscious about her looks, all girls her age were. She slightly smiles at herself before continuing to look for Louis wallet. Finally finding it in the console, she smiles and Niall gives her a hand getting out of the car. With both of them on the footpath, Elle gave him a smile of thanks. Hands still combined, like they didn’t notice but Elle felt as if it was complete, as if his hand fit perfectly in hers.

“Sorry Elle, but you think I can have my hand back?” Niall politely asked, tugging his hand away from hers. Elle looked down at them and immediately let go.

“Oh yes, sorry Niall.” Elle’s cheeks turned bright red before they both turned and walked back to the others.

“Yeah, our ice-cream’s probably melted by now.” Niall tried changing the subject. Elle slightly giggled in reply but didn’t lift her gaze off the concreted footpath that was now so interesting.

He is your brother’s best friend Elle. 


Elle strolled through the streets, Lottie and Felicite in front of her, guiding her through shop after shop. The boys called into Simon Cowell’s for a quick hello and were meeting the girls afterwards.

The sun was just setting and stores, one by one, began to shut. A vibration, followed by loud musical chords, played from Elle’s bag informing her of an incoming call. To no surprise, it was Louis.

“‘ello, annoying sister number 5 at your service,” Elle’s sarcastic voice rang, scoring a few giggles from the girls.

“Hey Elle, meet you at the bridge, yeah?”

“Sure, see you in five,” Elle replied before hanging up and following the girls towards the London Tower Bridge.

The sun was setting and the moon’s light faded through some clouds, by the time they met up with the boys. Lottie and Felicite rushed towards Louis grabbing a McDonald’s take-away bag from his hands. “Didn’t Elle feed you,” ask the two before glaring evilly at Elle. Elle shrugged, looking away. Her eyes started towards Niall, giving him a soft smile before quickly turning back to Louis.

Harry stared, in anger, towards the two. He only knew Elle for a day but he wanted her. She was like a magnet, every time she was in the room he was attracted to her.

“I want to show you something,” Harry whispered into Elle’s ear before pulling her away. The others were sitting at a table, chewing on their dinner. Elle left them only minutes ago to stroll along the bridge.

Harry held onto Elle’s hand until they reached the end of the bridge where a tall tower stood. A wooden door hung open, off its hinges. Harry pushed it slightly more open, before throwing his arm forward, “Ladies first.” Elle rolled her eyes, though Harry barely saw as it was dark and the ground was only lit by the street lamps. Making her way up a stone staircase, she finally stops at another door, looking back to see Harry right behind her. He nods eager for her to open the door.

Niall walks along the bridge, trying to look for Elle and Harry, everyone else trotting behind slowly. Giggling filled the night air. Niall only had to look up before he saw, two people very close together. It was Harry and Elle.

“Oi Tomlinson, looks like Harry’s getting a lil’ cosy,” Niall stated, pointing up to the pair on top of the tower. Louis smiled.

“They look cute.” Felicite spoke.

“Say that and I’ll cut your tongue out missy,” Louis hissed before turning back up to Harry and Elle. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your golden locks!” Louis’ strong voice filled the air.

“Doth thy have golden locks, my sweet prince. Thy only have lushest curls.” Harry’s voiced called back and Elle could help but laugh.

“Just get yo sexy ass down here now! The girls want to go home!” Louis yelled back. Harry and Elle both start like cackling ducks, before making their way back down the tower.

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