Horan Hugs

18 year old Kayleigh Gates is a huge Directioner. What happens when she meets the boys? Will she fall madly in love with one of the boys or make an instant enemy? Only time will tell.


1. The Night I've Been Waiting For

Kayleigh's P.O.V

I couldn't believe I had managed to get a front row seat to see my favorite group of boys! If my parents were alive they would've thought I was crazy for spending $1000 from my inheritance to buy that ticket from a ticket broker. I was going to buy myself a ticket the minute they went on sale but as soon as I found the seat I wanted BAM! my computer decides to shut off. By the time I got back on the website the concert was sold out. I wasn't about to miss my boys because of a stupid little computer! So thats when I found a better seat through a ticket broker. Of course it was more expensive but at least I could go to the concert. When my parents died they left me everything since I was an only child. Believe me my parents were rich. But of course money isn't everything I still cry almost everyday for being all by myself without my mum and dad. I miss them so much.

I sighed as I added the finishing touches to my make up. It had taken me over an hour to apply it and do my hair. Oh Kayleigh, I thought to myself. I don't know why you bother. It's not like they'll pay any attention to you. They're One Direction! You'll be lucky if they even glance at you. I put my make up away and grabbed my car keys. I got in my car and started driving to the concert, part of me still hoping to meet the boys that I adore so much.


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