Horan Hugs

18 year old Kayleigh Gates is a huge Directioner. What happens when she meets the boys? Will she fall madly in love with one of the boys or make an instant enemy? Only time will tell.


2. Rumor Has It

Harry's P.O.V.

"I'm sick and tired of everyone having to criticize and spread rumors about me!" I yelled angrily as I threw my phone on the couch. I had just let my curiousity get the better of me and searched my name on the internet. All I found was an occasional good comment while everything else was horrible. I was sick of people saying that I fancy Louis or that I only go after cougars. I could feel my blood pounding in my ears. What got me even more upset was that people were also picking on Niall. Just the other day I had found him crying with his laptop a few feet away from him. The whole screen was full of hate comments saying he was ugly, couldn't sing at all, and a whole mess of other rubbish.. Some comments when as far as suggesting he kill himself. After remembering the hurt in Niall's eyes I grew even angrier. "I can't take this any more!" I shouted causing the rest of the boys to jump a little. "Calm down Harry. They only say those things because they're jealous of you" Zayn said trying to comfort me. Louis smiled and walked over to me. "Yea! I mean you've obviously got the upper hand here mate! Listen to all those people screaming!" He shouted while covering his ears. He was reffering to our true fans who were just outside waiting for the concert to begin. Poor Louis thought he might be going deaf in one ear and we all prayed that he wouldn't. "I guess you guys are right." I said unsurely. The boys looked quite pleased with my answer. "But I'm going to end those bloody rumors about me and Louis! Just you wait!" I shouted causing everyone to jump once again. Niall and Liam just gave eachother questioning looks. I had just come up with the most brilliant plan ever. To tell you the truth I cared more about the rumors people had spread about me and Louis because he has a girlfriend and it seems completely unfair to them. The one about me only going after cougars wasn't as bad even if it did get me quite upset. It was almost time for the concert to start but I had just enough time to fill the boys in on my plan. When I finished explaining they just looked at me stunned.

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