Horan Hugs

18 year old Kayleigh Gates is a huge Directioner. What happens when she meets the boys? Will she fall madly in love with one of the boys or make an instant enemy? Only time will tell.


18. Insomnia

Niall's P.O.V.

I ran my fingers through my hair in frustration. I couldn't think of anything, not one simple plan to keep Kayleigh. Who was I kidding? There was no way in hell management was going to let me have my way.  Especially since they spent the past month trying to get me and Demi Lovato to fake date. They said that it would get us more publicity. They could go to hell with their publicity for all I cared. I took a few deep breaths and forced myself to walk back into our hotel room. Kayleigh was sorting her bags out with Zayn staring at her curiously from his bed. "Why do you have your name on all of your things?" he chuckled at her. I hadn't noticed it earlier but every one of her bags had "Kayleigh Gates" written in huge cursive letters. "My mum used to put my name on all of my things because I have a horrible habit of losing them." she laughed, "She said that way if someone found them I'd have more of a chance of getting it back." she smiled at the memory. Zayn smiled and nodded in understandment before laying his head down on his pillow. Kayleigh then climbed into bed and I followed after turning the lights off. 

 It wasn't long before I heard Zayn's snoring and Kayleigh's light breathing that ment they had fallen asleep. Oh, how I wish I could sleep like that. I spent what could've easily been hours, awake and alone with my thoughts. I kept tossing and turning until I found myself face to face with Kayleigh. She looked so peaceful and innocent while she slept. I felt a pang of guilt tugging at my heart.. If only she knew about what happened and how this might end soon. That thought scared me. I wrapped my arms around her gently and she huddled closer to me. It felt so right having her here in my arms and I never wanted to let her go. I knew at that moment that I was willing to do whatever it took to keep her. It's crazy how we just met today and I'm already willing to do anything for her, even get kicked out of the band. "Don't worry, princess. I won't let them seperate us. I'll fight for you whatever the pain." I mumbled into her hair. I didn't care if she was asleep and didn't hear me. I just had to say it. I pulled her closer and finally got some sleep. But with my luck my victory over frustration was short lived. My sleep was filled with dreams in which Kayleigh was being torn away from me in every way imaginable. I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and walked out of the hotel room. I had no idea where I was going all I knew was that I had to get out of there and clear my mind a bit. I stepped into the elevator and made my way down to the lobby. I checked my phone and it was already 5 am. I walked out into the street thankful that the fans had finally cleared out. As much as I loved them I needed to be alone. I walked around a bit until I spotted an open bar. A few drinks won't hurt. I sat down and ordered my drink while looking around. It wasn't the cleanest or nicest bar I'd seen but hey, at least it was open. The man handed me my drink and I took it gratefully hoping to clear my mind. A few drinks later I was insanely drunk but satisfied that my problems were gone. Little did I know that this was going to cause major problems. If I had I would've just stayed at the hotel like Paul had told me and the lads to do.


So how are you guys liking the story so far? I'm sorry I havn't posted in a while again but I barely have any free time anymore. I also apologize if this chapter wasn't that good. I tried my best though. Please leave any suggestions that might make this a better story. Thanks for reading! Stay perfect! <3 xx


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