Horan Hugs

18 year old Kayleigh Gates is a huge Directioner. What happens when she meets the boys? Will she fall madly in love with one of the boys or make an instant enemy? Only time will tell.


16. Best Friends

Kayleigh's P.O.V.

"What?!" Louis shouted. The boys just looked at eachother as if they couldn't believe the words that left Niall's mouth. "That's great, you two!" Liam finally said as he hugged us. The rest of them followed his lead until we were all piled up in a group hug. I felt like I was going to suffocate. Louis was the first to back out. "Now we will have to set up some rules." he said while looking at us. "Go on." Niall laughed. "First things first, no PDA! At least not while I'm in the room. Unless it's hugging. I guess hugging is okay." he said thoughtfully with as smirk playing on his lips. "Oh and if I ever catch you about to." he said while doing his famous hip thrust."LOUIS!" we all shouted as soon as we realized what he ment. The room was filled with laughter almost instantly. "Well this went better than when he found out Zayn and Perrie were together."Niall chuckled.  "Hey, you guys wanna watch tv?" Harry asked after everyone calmed down a bit. We all agreed and crowded onto the beds which were right in front of the television. Harry was flipping through the channels and there was absolutley nothing on. "Stupid paid programs."Zayn mumbled while staring blankly at the constantly changing channels. Then all of a sudden the room was filled with loud chanting. We all looked up at the tv to see a news reporter standing right outside the hotel with the swarm of fans outside. "I'm standing outside the hotel where the most famous boy band is staying. That's right ladies One Direction!" she shouted causing the girls to go wild. Then suddenly out of the crowd came the brunnette that I fought with. Her nose was swollen with traces of blood still visible, but that wasn't all. Bruises were forming on her arms and I'm pretty sure a black eye was forming too. I smiled knowing I had done good job at defending myself. "She attacked me!" the girl shreiked into the reporter's microphone. "Who did sweetheart?" the lady said while holding up the microphone to her face. "This girl named Kayleigh who is apparently Niall Horan's girlfriend!" she answered dramatically.How did she know my name? "And I didn't even do anything!" she added trying to sound shocked. That evil filthy loathsome little cockroach! She had been the one who started it! I should be the one complaining to the media, not her. "What's your name honey?" the reporter asked with a sympathetic smile. "Lexi Hamilton" she says with a smirk. I sit their wide eyed. Not wanting to believe what I just heard. Lexi Hamilton. The name of my best friend who I hadn't seen in a year. I studied her closely. She had dyed her hair dark brown and was wearing at least 10 pounds of make-up. But one thing was for certain, it's her. "I hate her! She doesn't deserve Niall!" she shrieks as she yanks a necklace off of her neck and smirks at the camera. My hand instantly finds it's way to the necklace hanging on my neck. The half of a heart with the word "friends" written in gold letters. Lexi and I had gotten them when we were seven and have worn them ever since. Before she left we promised to never forget eachother or take off our necklaces. Now she was back from London and looked as if she wanted to kill me. I felt tears forming in my eyes as all of my memories with Lexi came to my mind. I yanked the necklace off and threw it on the floor. I got up from the bed and ran straight to the bathroom. I locked the door and sat on the floor. Thank God I noticed the bathroom when I walked in the hotel room. I let all of my tears fall down my face wishing this wasn't real.

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