Horan Hugs

18 year old Kayleigh Gates is a huge Directioner. What happens when she meets the boys? Will she fall madly in love with one of the boys or make an instant enemy? Only time will tell.


4. Backstage Pass

Kayleigh's P.O.V

Harry kneeled right infront of me and began to wipe away my tears with his thumb. I just stared at him in awe, it seemed to good to be true. I was expecting to wake up in my bed at any minute, but of course that didn't happen. Instead Harry reached into his pocket and pulled out a backstage pass. "Would you like to come backstage with me babe?" He asked me with his irresistable smile. "S-sure." I stuttered making my best attempt at a smile. He handed me the pass with a grin on his face. I wonder if he could tell how nervous I was even if I tried to hide it. "Well talk to you later." he said with a wink. He then stood up and walked back to the rest of the boys who were all staring at him. Harry wasn't the only one being stared at though. All of the girls around me were looking at me as is they wanted to strangle me. Knowing them they probably did. I just ignored them. I was too happy and excited about going backstage with them to even care what people thought. I was as jumpy as a little kid on Christmas morning.

Niall's P.O.V

We weren't at all surprised with what Harry had just done. He told us all about his little plan right before the concert. I was pretty sure nothing was going to stop him from trying to get himself a girlfriend tonight. He thought it was the only way to end those rumors.That's what worried me though. Harry always trys not to care what people say or think about him but sometimes he can't help it. This time I think he went a little bit to far with his whole plan. Judging by the way he was acting before the concert I wouldn't be surprised if he picked any girl whether he liked her or not. The only thing that mattered to him was ending the lies that were being spread. I really hope no one gets their feelings hurt because of this.



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