By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


4. Shooting

"Hey love, wake up. You've got a text from your agent about something being moved to today" I hear Carter say. I spring up. "What?!" I ask. He chuckles and hands me my phone. The text reads: Sorry love, director wanted to get this started as soon as possible, you start shooting at 12:00 sharp. 

I look at the time. It's eleven. Guess I'm not getting my morning jog. I jump off the couch and run into the shower. Then I go and do my hair and light makeup quickly. "I'm leaving" Carter yells while I'm doing my hair. "Kay. I'll see you later" I yell back. "Love you" he says. "Love you too" I yell back. He has to pass the room I'm in to get the door. He pops his head in as he says "Love you more" I jump up and give him a peck on the lips. "Have a good day" I say. I finish everything then jump into my car. 

Luckily traffic isn't bad. I get there by 11:54. I rush into the office. "Ahh! She arrives. We were beginning to think you were blowing us off" Harry says. I stick my tongue out. "I thought about it. But then I realized you're paying me" "Very mature" Liam says referring to me sticking my tongue out. "Oh I know! Says the boy participating in a paper wad war" 

I plop down on one of the couches in between Harry and Niall. "So where did you have to go yesterday that was more important then hanging out with us?" Niall asks. "I had to meet my boyfriend for coffee" I say. Niall's face falls. "Oh that's cool.... How long have you and your boyfriend been dating?" Niall asks. "A little over a year" I say. He nods but has a blank face. "Who's your boyfriend? Anyone we would know?" Louis asks. "Carter Rose. You might know him he's in a lot of movies" Their eyes widen. "Carter Rose! I love the movie he's in, oh what's it called... Oh yeah Unstoppable" Zayn says. I smile "Ah so you've heard of him. Yeah I think that's my favorite movie of his" "Oh so it's not your favorite movie?" Liam asks. "Nope. It's my favorite action movie. But my favorite movie is Remember Me because it's a chick flick. If he were to star in a chick flick it would definitely be my favorite movie. But that's not happening" "REMEMBER ME!! That's my favorite movie!!!!!!" Louis yelled. I laugh. "Oh really? What happens?" I ask. "Uh.. Doesn't the dude die?" he asks. "Lucky guess" I say. "No, I've actually seen it with Eleanor" I nod.  "Ah so she made you watch it?" "Yep, basically" 

I shook my head and smiled. These guys were so hilarious. Then the director walked in the room... I still don't know his name. I look around the room and find a plaque that says his name, Michael, on it. "Alright I think we are going to begin filming today. Sorry for the last minute scheduling. We just thought it might be easier to not spread this out. We will be filming as much as we can but we have to stop at 2:00 because I have other clients. Alright well I'll take you to the set and we shall begin with the beginning scene in the bedroom" 

He leads us down stairs and into a room that's very big but has a set that looks like a girls bedroom. "Alright so, you two" he says pointing to me and Niall. "Are going to come in when Liam sings shut the door. Scarlett you are going to walk quicker in then Niall and sit on the bed but Niall, you'll walk in and slowly close the door behind you, making it slow enough that you turn the light off when Liam sings turn the light off. And then when Niall starts walking toward you, Scarlett  you swing your feet up onto the bed and Niall will lay beside you. Alright lets just run through that one part and see how it looks" he says. 

Niall and I head behind the door to the "bedroom" When Michael says "Action" and a recording of Moments starts to play, we open the door and walk in. I sit down on the bed as Niall slowly closes the door, and then turns off the light. When he starts walking towards me, I swing my feet up onto the bed and he lays beside me. "Perfect!" Michael says. "Do it just like that. But keep in mind, you're in love. So facial expressions and body language is key, especially since there is no talking in this. So look at each other with flirty and loving looks. Alright? Okay this time we can really try shooting" We shot all the scenes almost perfectly. We got to the chorus before having to quit for the day. 

"So Ms. Johnson, you doing anything today that you're going to have to ditch us for?" Harry asks. I think for a moment. "Nope" I say. "Good then. Boys, shall we take her back to our flat and play some Mario Kart?" they all nod and I laugh. "Oh god, I can't imagine how dirty your flat is" I say. "Hey! That's offensive! Our place is pretty clean, it's our rooms that are very dirty" Louis says. "Alrightie then. Well off we go!" I say. 
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