By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


10. Moving Time!

"Well that was fun!" I say as we get in the car. "It was, they really are nice lads" Carter says. "Seee there's no reason to be jealous, they're just awesome friends I have" Carter chuckles. "You can definitely hang out with all of them still. They like to harass you which is okay with me" "Hey!" I say. I just smirk. It gets quiet before Carter says. "Scar, there's something I've been wanting to ask you for a while and seeing how I almost lost you, I better ask it soon" He can't be asking me to marry him! He sees my expression and laughs. "Im not asking you to marry me so don't worry. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to move in with me" I smile and nod. "Yes!" I say. I lean over and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Do you want to stay in your apartment or mine? Because I don't really care" he says. "Well you asked me to move in with you, so yours" I say. "Alright. You want to spend tomorrow packing?" he asks. "Sounds good. I can walk around in booty shorts and a disgusting shirt and just look like a hobo!" I say. "Well you're very attractive for a hobo" he says. I smile and roll my eyes. 

We decide to spend the night at my house so we can just wake up the next morning and start packing. We head to my room, change, and fall asleep listening to his heart beat. 

"Scarletttt, wakey wakey" Carter says. I groan and roll over. He laughs. "Come on, get up" he says. I throw the covers off me and look up to see Carter in his underwear. "Can I just wear this all day?" I ask gesturing to the short shorts and tank top I had on. He nods "I don't care" he says. He finds a pair of his shorts in my drawer and throws them on. "Alright! Lets get packin!" he says.

I grab my suitcases and start filling them with my clothes while Carter runs out to get some boxes. After an hour or so of folding, I'm finally done with my clothes and start packing my stuff away into boxes. As I'm packing, I keep getting interrupted by Carter who keeps coming over and doing something that makes me want to kiss him, so then we end up making out and then I yell at him for distracting me. 

At the end of the day, we had finished getting everything. We figured we would sell my bed and most of my furniture and just use his. "Ugh it's so empty!" I say. He looks around. "I know! We have some good memories at this place" I snuggle up to him since we're sitting on the couch. "Yeah like the one time we had a food fight when we had to make brownies for that charity bake sale" he says. "And the time we had the huge fight and you stayed outside my door the entire night" "Don't forget the time we went skinny dipping" Carter says. "That was fun" I say. We talk more bringing up old memories before I fall asleep and he carries me to bed. "Goodnight beautiful" he says before kissing my forehead and falling asleep. 

The next morning I wake up to Carter screaming "MOVING DAYYY!" in my face. "You couldn't have woke me up in a nicer way?" "Nope!" he says with a cheeky grin. I get out of bed and get dressed. I look at all my boxes of stuff and decide we need help. "Can I call Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam and ask them to help us?" I ask Carter. "Yeah, sure a little help would be nice"

I dial up Louis knowing he'd be with the other lads. "Hello pretty lady!" Louis says answering they phone. "Hey LouLou I was wondering if maybe you'd like to help me move" I ask. "YOU'RE MOVING?!" he screams. I laugh "Yes but only to Carter's apartment" "Oh thank goodness, I thought we had drove you outta town" I roll my eyes. "Yes Lou, you did. Now you and the lads wanna help me or not?" "Will there be food afterwards?" "Only if you are good boys" "Well I can always help a damsel in distress" he says before yelling into the background "Hey lads who wants to help Scar move for free food afterwards?" I hear an echo of  yesses. "Alrightie then, seems like we'll be over in a bit" "Okay Lou, see ya then" "Buh-byee!" he says before I hang up the phone. "They will be over in a little to help" I tell Carter. "Coolio" he says plopping on the couch.

 I get all the boxes and put them in one room before the lads show up in three cars so that we can get all the stuff over in one trip. Then I notice that one of their cars has one of those U-Haul things attached to the back of it. "Thanks so much for the help guys" I say as they come in. "Can't miss out on the chance for free food" Niall says. "Oh so this has nothing to do with helping your best friend?" "Nope" he says. I lightly slap him on the face. 

"Alright everyone, grab something and carry it outside!" Carter says. Harry and Zayn grab the one couch I'm keeping and load some boxes onto it then carry it out the door. I grab two boxes and carry them. Carter grabs two really heavy boxes and carries them. Niall and Lou grab dollies and load four boxes each onto them. Liam just grabs as many boxes as he can and heads out. We continue doing this until all the stuff is either packed away in one of the five cars or into the U-Haul. 

"Perfect!" I say as Harry shuts the trunk to his car. We then head to Carter's apartment and unload everything with many complaints from the lads about being tired and wanting food. Once Liam carried the last box up and everything was ready, the guys celebrated. "FOODDDD!" Niall yelled. I rolled my eyes and dialed the number for the pizza place.

 I ordered five pizzas hoping it'd be enough. They arrived and when I placed the pizzas on the table, I was attacked. They rummaged through the boxes taking at least four pieces each, Niall took six. I stood back and waited for them to finish. "Sorry 'bout that" Niall says, making his way back to the couch. "It's okay, now I know not to get in between you and your food" "Once, I ate the last chip and he wanted to eat my hand as punishment" Zayn offered while scarfing down his first slice of pizza. I gave Niall a wide eyed look and he just shrug. "Don't mess with my food" he says.

 I go and grab two slices of pizza and sit on the couch with Carter on my right and Louis on my left. Then, my phone rang and I answered it. "Hello" I said. "Hey sweetheart. Got anything going on tomorrow?" Mark, my manager asked. I think... Nope. "Nothing big, why?" "Well I gotcha a photo shoot tomorrow" "Really! Awesome! Who for?" "Uh some magazine I don't know the name of, but! You're gonna be on the cover. It is a smaller magazine but this is still a pretty big gig for you" "The cover!? Mark I love you! Thanks!" He chuckles. "Alright sweetheart, get back into your life. Ill email you the rest of the info. Have fun hanging out with One Direction" he says then hangs up.

 How did he know?! If he knows.... That means its on the Internet somewhere.... I jump up and go get my laptop and search "Scarlett Johnson" I pull up the first article that mentions my name and One Direction. It reads: "Niall Horan and Scarlett Johnson? What about Carter!?" I mentally do a face palm. "Whatcha doin Scar?" Zayn asks. "Just... Come look" I say, standing up. 

All of them, including Carter, come and see. The room has an awkward silence for a while before Niall says "Sorry Scar... We should've been more careful. They see us with one girl and automatically assume we're dating" "No, it's okay, we just need to clear this up" I say. Everyone nods in agreement. "Well.... I think we should head back to our flat. What's weird is, we were planning on moving into separate flats sometime. Gonna help us?" Harry says. "Well I could help you pack and clean. You guys definitely need help with that. But other than that, I'm not gonna be much help" I say. "Well we definitely could use some help cleaning" Liam says. "Alright, then I'll come over tomorrow before my photo shoot and help" I say. "Then see ya tomorrow Scar" Zayn says. "Bye lads. Thanks for your help" I say. "Thanks for the pizza!" Niall says. I laugh and they head out. 

"Were lucky they came over and helped, without them, it would've taken forever" Carter says. "Even if they only did it for the pizza" I say. 
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