By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


2. Meeting One Direction

 I woke up to my alarm set for 8am. I went into the kitchen and made some over easy eggs with whole wheat toast. I ate that then went on an hour jog. By the time I was done with that it was nine thirty so I showered and did my hair and makeup. Then it was already 10:30 and I needed to leave by 12 to get to the office building in time. I picked out my outfit which took about a half an hour, put it on then fixed my hair and make up which I had already messed up. By the time I was done with that, it was time to go. I jumped into my car, blasted the radio and headed to the highway. 

I arrived at the directors office building at 12:30. Early is always better than late. I hate being late. 

I went inside the building and told the security who I was and what I was there for, and they sent me up to the 19th floor where I made two lefts and a right then reached the directors office. 

When I stepped inside, I saw four boys throwing paper wads everywhere. When I walked in, I got pelted with them. I shrieked and put my hands over my face for protection. "Oh sorry love" I heard someone's with a British accent say. I removed my hands from my face and looked up. It was Louis who said that. "It's alright" I say quietly. I closed the door behind me and took a seat in the corner of the room then took my phone out and scrolled through my schedule. I could tell all of the boys were looking at me but I didn't want to meet their gazes. Harry came and sat next to me. "You know, we don't bite" he said gesturing to the empty seats near him and the others. "Yeah but you do throw paper wads" I say. They laughed. "Thats true but we only threw them at you because we thought you were Nialler who had disappeared" Liam said. "So you thought I was a boy?" I asked. "Oh no! Trust me you do not look anything like a boy" Zayn said. "You do kind of sound like Niall though" Harry said referring to my accent. "I grew up near Dublin" I say. "Ahhh we've got another Irish person around!" Louis says. Just as he says that, Niall walks in the room

Niall's POV:

I had left to go find a water fountain because i was really thirsty but there seemed to be none in this entire building. I headed back to the room and opened the door to reveal the guys talking to a stunningly beautiful girl. "Speaking of Irish people" Zayn said. But I barely heard him. All I could concentrate on was the girl. She was so natural too. She didn't have makeup smeared on her face like a clown. I guess I had my mouth open because Harry said "Close your mouth Nialler, you'll catch flies" I immediately closed it. "So what's your name?" Louis asked the girl. "Scarlett" she says with an Irish accent. This girl keeps getting better and better. "Hmm... Thats too long... I think I'll call you Scar. Well I'm Louis, this is Harry, and don't you dare think about taking him, he's mine. This is Zayn and Liam. And then the lad over there who hasn't said anything yet is Niall" Louis says pointing to all of us. "Pleasure to meet all of you" she says as she laughs. "The pleasure is ours" Zayn says. Then the director walks in. 

Scarlett's  POV

When Niall walked in the room, I couldn't stop staring at him for some reason. Yeah, he's definitely very, very handsome, but I feel like there's more than that. I feel like we have a connection, like I've met him somewhere. But I know I'd remember if I met Niall Horan from One Direction. 

 "Close your mouth Nialler, you'll catch flies" Louis tells Niall. Apparently he was having the same problem I was. He closes his mouth and blushes, still looking at me "So what's your name?" Louis asks me. "Scarlett" I say. "Hmm... Thats too long... I think I'll call you Scar. Well I'm Louis, this is Harry, and don't you dare think about taking him, he's mine. This is Zayn and Liam. And then the lad over there who hasn't said anything yet is Niall" Louis says pointing to all of them. "Pleasure to meet all of you" I say as I laugh. "The pleasure is ours" Zayn says. Then the director walks in. 

"Ah! Scarlett nice to finally meet you" he says extending his hand for me to shake. I stand up and shake it. "Nice to meet you too" I say. "Alright let's get started. Shall we?" he says and sits at his desk. "There's no one else in the video?" I ask "Of course not honey. It's just you" He says. I nod. I thought that there would be at least a couple more girls. 

Me and the boys gather around his desk. I sit in the middle of all of them. 

"Alright so for this video I was thinking that Niall and Scarlett could be the actors of the video and the rest of you can be like ghosts in the background singing.

So we're going to have Niall and Scarlett laying on a bed in the very beginning just holding each other and giggling. Then for I want to lay beside you Scarlett you will be asleep. For trembling hands touch skin, Niall, you are going to stroke her face with shaky fingers and tears in your eyes. Then you get up and leave the room. In next part you'll be in you're bedroom alone and your going to be a total mess running fingers through your hair and just sobbing. 

For if we could only have this life for one more day, it will be like a flashback of you laying in the grass with her in a bright meadow looking up at the clouds. 

The chorus will show all of you singing. Then for the next part, I'll show Niall slamming the door then sliding down it. He picks up all of Scarlett's stuff she gave him or whatever and puts it all in a box. You try to scream and you're still bawling.

 For Zayns part, we will have another flashback of you and her having happy moments. You'll be playing football (or soccer as you would call it in America) with her in the street. After that, Niall and Scarlett will go into a bedroom, the same one the video starts in, and start kissing and then it shows Niall's clothes fly to the end of her bed"

 Zayn interrupts. "Wait wait wait... So Niall gets to like make out with Scarlett?" he asks. The director nods. Zayn shoots Niall a look.

 "Anyways, as I was saying it then shows Scarlett shutting the door to her house with Niall standing there then he goes and sits on the porch steps and looks really in love. 

At the very end Niall tapes a note with the chorus to Scarlett's door and then she reads it and at the very end, Niall comes to give her the box of her things, she throws her arms around him, he drops the stuff, picks her up and twirls her around. The very end just shows all of the lads and Scarlett comes into the picture when Niall gestures her over. The other four are running ahead but Niall grabs her hand and she puts her head on his shoulder. Sound good?" he finishes with.

 We all nod. "Wait" Harry says. "How come Nialler was picked to be the male lead?" "Good question" The director says "Because they're both Irish" "What!!!! Not fair I have an Irish accent" Harry says with a phony Irish accent. "Keep dreaming harry" Niall says. Harry crosses his arms and pretends to pout. I laugh. 

I don't know why I was worried about not fitting in. These boys make it so easy. "Alright well if there isn't any more questions, I'll see all of you next Wednesday. Sound good?" the director asks standing up. We all nod and the director heads toward the door. "Alright. Good bye" he says and leaves. 

"Well I should probably get going too" I say standing up. "No no no you are not leaving yet" Harry says. "Why not?" I ask. "Because.... We uh... Have to show you this amazing ice cream place" He says. I think. "Alright. I don't have anything to do so why not?" "Yes!!!" Harry yells then runs out the door with Louis following closely behind. Liam jumps on Zayn's back and they run out the door leaving me and Niall behind. 

"Sorry for all the craziness" he says. "Oh no problem. I love craziness. I'd hate it if you guys were serious and boring" "Well then you came to the right people because we are anything but serious and boring" "Good! You know, I was actually scared that I wouldn't fit in" I say. "You were scared you wouldn't fit in? You're the one that is out of all of our leagues" "There is no way that I'm out of Niall Horan's league! Notpossible" "Yeah you're the kind of girl I'd love to ask out but know I'd get rejected" "Well anyone that rejected you would have to be an idiot" I say. He smiles then Louis comes running back to us. "Hurry up you slow pokes!! What are you doing back there? Making out?" I blush and look at the ground. "You know it!" Niall yells back. I smile then we run to catch up to the others. 
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