By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


5. Mario Kart

"Welcome to our lovely home" Zayn says opening the door. I look around, they were right, it wasn't too dirty. "Not bad. I'd expect it to be absolutely atrocious" I said. "Well its better that you came in with low expectations because then we can impress you" Liam says. "Someone's smart" I say. We all sit on the couch and Niall sets up Mario Kart. All the boys go up and get a controller but Niall brings back one for me so I don't have to get up. "Thanks" I say. He sits down to my right. "No problemo" he says. We set up the game and chose characters. I decide to be toadette, she's my favorite. Then Niall chooses toad and says "Now we're matching!" Harry then chooses Mario and because Louis says he is Harry's love, he chooses Peach. That weirdo. Then Zayn chooses Luigi and Liam chooses Donkey Kong. Then the races start.

I start off in first place but Niall comes from behind me and takes my spot. Then Louis throws a turtle shell causing me to slow down and let him, Harry and Liam pass. That leaves Zayn still behind me but soon enough, he gets a bullet and passes me. 

I'm in ninth place and then they all cross the finish line. "I hate all of you!" I yell when the race is over. "Whoa, someone's a sore loser" Niall says. I hit his arm, hard. "Ow! And she has anger management problems!" he says. I try hard not to laugh but eventually give in and start laughing. "I hate you the most Niall" I say. "That hurts Scar" he says. "Yeah get over it" I say. Then the next race begins. I start off in ninth place obviously but soon I pass Zayn using a star. After that I get the three shells and throw them at Harry, Louis, and Liam. That gets me to second place. All I have to do is beat Niall. We get close to the finish line and were side by side and suddenly, I get a mushroom! I speed to first and win! "Yeah buddy!" I scream and start doing a dance. "In your face Niall!" I yell. He rolls his eyes. "You are a bad loser and winner" Harry says. "Actually, I'm normally pretty calm about it. But you guys get me all competitive" I say. "Yay for us" Liam says. "Oh shut your mouths" I say. 

We continue playing and I begin to win every game. "Dang! When did you get so good?" Harry asks. I shrug my shoulders. "Wanna race again?" I ask, a smile forming on my lips. They all set down their controllers. "No way" Zayn says"I'm hungry" Niall says. "Hey why don't me, Zayn, Liam and Lou go out and get some Nandos?" Harry asks. "Yes! But why don't I get to go?" Niall asks. "Just because" Harry says then rushes everyone out the door.

Harry's POV

Niall is going to thank me later. I rush all the guys out the door and have no need to explain to them why Niall can't come. "Good idea Hazza" Liam says. I take a bow. "I do my best" I say. I wanted to get Niall and Scarlett alone because I know that Niall fancies her. It sucked to find out she had a boyfriend. But I know Niall can get her to fall in love with him, I mean they're perfect for each other. They're both Irish, and they both love to laugh. "Come on Hazza" Louis yells. I catch up to the guys as we head out to get Nandos

Scarlett's POV

"So, wanna show me your room?" I ask. "Sure, why not?" he says. I smile as he leads me down a hallway. "Here it is" he says opening the door. I walk in and it is a mess! There are clothes everywhere, trash, plates, cups, food, anything you can think of! And it smells too! "Gross! Do you ever clean?" I ask. "No, not really" he says. I cover my mouth and nose with my hand. "It smells like moldy cheese in here" I say. He picks up a green and furry piece of cheese. "This might be why" he says. I shriek. "Ew!" I say. He walks closer to me, still dangling it. I start backing up. "Get away from me!" I yell. "What? You don't want some cheese?" he asks. He throws it at me and it lands on my shirt. I scream. "Ewwwwwww! Get it off!" I yell as I flick it off of me. Niall is laughing so hard he can barely breathe. "I hate you, you stupid leprechaun" I say. He is wearing a green sweatshirt today. I exit his room and he follows me. "If anyone is a leprechaun, it would be you since you're shorter than me" he points out. I'm also wearing green. "Shut up" I say. 

"Ugh when are the guys coming back with the food?" Niall groans. "Be patient, they just left like a minute ago" "But I'm starving!" he says. "From what I've heard, you're always starving" "True" he says and sits on the couch. 

I sit down next to him. "So what do you guys do when you're not performing in front of millions of screaming girls?" I ask. He shrugs. "Lounge around mostly" he says. "Louis and I drink sometimes" "Alcoholic" I say. "We don't drink that often!" he says defending himself. "Sure you don't. Maybe you should go to rehab love" 

Then the four other guys burst through the door. "Food!!!!" Niall yells, running towards them. They hold it above his head. "Let's sit at the dinner table like civilized people" Lou says. "When do we ever sit at the table?" Niall asked. "Yeah and besides, it's covered in stuff" Harry says. Louis hands the food to Liam then walks over to the table. 

He takes his arm and sweeps it across the table, knocking anything on it, off. "Problem solved" he says sitting down. I get up, shaking my head like all the boys. We sit at the table and Liam passes out food. We dig in and Niall is finished within a minute flat, I swear.Then Louis gets a text. "Ooo! Someone has invited us to a party!" he exclaims. "Who would invite you to a party?" I ask. "Well Scar, if you must know, it's a good friend of ours that's not famous. His name is Daniel Posar. He's a nice bloke" Lou says. "Well you gonna go?" I ask. He looks around at the others for an answer. They all shrug and nod. "Seems like it" he says. 

I stand up. "Well then I should probably leave so you guys can get going" I say. "Are you crazy? We're bringing you with us" Harry says. "Really? Are you sure that's okay?" I ask. "Its more than okay" Niall says. I smile. "Alright, well thanks for letting me come.

I finish eating before them and head to my house to change quickly. I change into a tight fitting dress that shows off my curves. The boys pick me up and basically start drooling when they see me. I smirk and were off to the party. 
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