By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


8. Lou and Liam Pep-Talk

Niall's POV:

I feel bad about kissing Scarlett but deep inside of me, I'm actually kind of happy that it happened which I know, is a bad thing. But I really like her even though I've only known her for a little while and if Carter breaks up with her then I have a way better chance with her. I decide to text her. 

N: Have you told him yet?

A couple minutes later, she responds

S: Yep... He's not sure what to do and right now I'm sitting here in the middle of the floor, curled up on the floor. I would ask you to come over and comfort me but if Carter came back and saw you here....

N: You're on the floor? Are you okay? I understand what you mean, if you want I could send one of the lads over there.

S: I'm fine, just a little worried. And could you? That would be great

N: Of course. Harry and Zayn are passed out right now so I'll send Lou and Liam. Lou might be a little crabby from his hangover, but he'd be happy to help you. 

S: Okay, send over Liam and Lou quick pleaseeee. I just really need someone to talk to. Thank you so much for understanding Niall. You're such a good friend

There's that word, friend. I wonder if we'll ever be anything more.

N: It's no problem I really do get what you're saying. If Carter came back to give you his answer and found me there comforting you, well that wouldn't help you at all. 

S: Okay well I'll see you later. I'll text you when Carter makes up his mind

N: Alrightie. Have fun with Liam and Lou:P 

S: I will:):):)

"Ey Lou!" I yell. "Whatttt" he asks grumpily. "Scar is going through a tough time with her boyfriend right now and needs you to go and comfort her" Lou's head pops up. "Why can't you go? You seem to be closer to her anyways" "Well... I'm kind of the cause of her problems" Lou gives me a confused look. "We.. Made out last night" I told him. "Tsk tsk naughty children. I guess I can go talk to her. This is more up Liam's alley" "Scar wants him there too. Liam!" I yell but soon realize that he's right behind me. "I'd love to go talk to Scar. I'm sure you lads could take care of yourselves for a couple hours" "Alright well you two go on over. Give her a hug for me" "Will do" Liam says as he and Lou grab their stuff and head out the door.

Scarlett's POV

I hear a knock on the door after waiting for a while after Niall had texted me. "Who is it?" I ask, knowing who it is. "Burglars!" I hear Lou say and barge through the door. "Whoa, you weren't kidding when you said you were curled up in a ball on the floor" Liam says. They both come sit by me, Liam on my right, Louis in front of me. "I'm surprised you came, I thought that you'd have to take care of the other lads" I say to Liam. He shrugs. "You're more important. Besides, I'd much rather talk to a pretty girl then stay inside and wait hand and foot on four obnoxious lads" "Hey!" Lou says, hurt. "You are kind of obnoxious" I say. Louis pouts. "Get over it" I say.

 "So what's the full story of what happened? We didn't really get to hear it" Liam says. "Well you know I got really really drunk last night and I slept in Niall's room. I vaguely remember snogging Niall, like really passionately and everything. Not just a peck on the lips. So, I knew I had to tell Carter and I did and he isn't sure about what to do. I don't blame him. I mean if I were in his position, or if he did that to me, honestly, I think I'd dump him. So now I'm scared because I don't want to lose him. I mean we've been dating over a year. He's like my entire support system and really, my only friend" "Your only friend?" Lou asks, confused. I nod. "I don't connect very easily with people. I mean I have a lot of people that I talk to and text, but I really don't have anyone that I hang out with frequently" "You have us though" Liam says. "Now I do. I didn't before. I only ever hung out with Carter before. I don't have any girlfriends that I hang out with" "Really? A bubbly person like you doesn't have many friends. How odd" Lou says. "Like I said, I don't connect with people. And I'm kind of shy before you get to know me. If you lads hadn't come over and started talking to me the first day we met, I probably would never have talked to you" "Well what about your friends from school" Liam asks. I shrug. "I um. I never finished high school" "Oh" Liam says, not pushing me to tell him why. 

"So. You really like Carter don't you?" Lou asks. I nod. "If he breaks up with me, I don't know what I'd do" "I know this sounds harsh, but I think you'd live. I mean you're absolutely gorgeous, have a promising future ahead of you and even if you decide to not do modeling or acting, you're a bright girl who could still make a living somehow" Liam says. "Awwww Liam! How sweet" Louis says. I shake my head and give Liam a hug. "Thanks buddy" "Anytime love" "Do I get a hug?" Lou asks. "Of course you do, come here carrot boy" I scoot closer to him and give him a hug. "You guys are awesome" I say. They look at each other then smirk. "We know" they say at the same time. Creepy! 

"Wanna watch some cartoons?"' I ask. "Yes!!!" Lou says then jumps up. I laugh. "Help me up LouLou" He thinks. "Nobody has called me that in quite a while" "Just help me up and stop thinking about the name I called you" he chuckles and grabs my hand then helps me to my feet. My butt feels numb from sitting on the hard ground for so long. "Ahhh my butt is sore!" I say and they both give me a strange look.

 Liam pushes himself up. "Hey I've been meaning to ask you, do you have a twitter?" Liam asks. I shake my head. "Nope!" I say popping the p. They look at each other, horrified. "Forget about the cartoons, we must make you a twitter, fast!" 

They find my laptop sitting at the table and start it up. They then go to the twitter website and start making an account. As my username, Lou types in CarrotQueen only to find that that name is already taken. "How could someone be so rude!" he shouts. I shake my head and laugh. He then tries another name which works. It's I<3LouSooooMuch69. "Really Lou?" "What?! You know it's true" "I was referring to the 69 you put at the end" "69 makes everything better" Then Liam typed in a password for me. I don't really care if the guys knew my password. Wait... I'm going to have to change it when they leave. "Ta-da!" Louis says. "Your account is now ready" he says handing me a laptop. Liam and Lou whip out their phones to follow me. I follow them back. "Come on now, tweet something" Liam says. I tweet: @Real_Liam_Payne and @Louis_Tomlinson made me make an account. So here I am! Tweeting my first tweet!!! Xx

"Beautiful" Louis says as I send it. Moments later, I get a mention from Louis: Just made my bestest friend @I<3LouSooooMuch69 (Scarlett Johnson) her very own twitter! Doesn't she have such a cool name?

Moments later, my followers had increased by the thousands. "Wow!" I said. "The power of the Directioners!" Then I had another mention, from Liam: Go follow my awesome friend @I<3LouSooooMuch69 Even though her name is inaccurate and inappropriate (thanks to Lou)

After only five minutes, I had ten thousand followers. Ten thousand! I decided to upload a picture as my profile picture. "Both of you, get in the picture!" I say. They both give me a kiss on the cheek on different sides as I make a shocked face. It's absolutely adorable. I set it as my profile. "I love that picture!" I say. "Only because the amazing Liam Payne was kissing your cheek" "Of course love. I will never wash my cheek again" I say. "Ew disgusting!" Lou says. Then I get a text.... From carter... It says: I've figured everything out. Meet me at our usual table? Xx

Our usual table is one at Starbucks near the back corner. Liam and Lou read the text over my shoulder. "Well.... Good luck" Liam says. "Thanks" I say. "And thank you for coming over and cheering me up. You guys are amazing" "We know" Lou says. I give both of them a hug and they leave. I brush through my dark brown curly hair and reapply a light coat of makeup, just to make my electric blue eyes pop. Then I take a deep breath and head to the coffee shop. 
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