By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


14. Hobo Day at the Mall

I wake up to the sound of a guitar. "Good morning, good morning dear Scarlett, how are you today, you look quite weird and your hair is messy, I think you might kill us, but that is okay cause you need to get your lazy butt up" Louis and Liam sing. Niall is playing his guitar. I roll over and pull the blanket over my head. Niall jumps on me. "Rise and shine Ms. Pretty Face" I groan and sit up. Harry isn't laying next to me anymore. "Were going to the mall!!!!" Louis screams. I laugh and start to get ready. I don't put on any makeup because I feel like going natural today. I put on sweatpants and a t-shirt then throw my hair into a bun. Today, is hobo day.

"You still look stunning" Liam convinces me. "Sure I do" I say back. We're in the car and the lads are trying to tell me I look just as pretty dressed like a hobo with no makeup. "It proves that you like the way you look and you're not insecure" Zayn says. "That's a pretty sexy quality in a women" Harry says. I roll my eyes as we pull up to the mall and we jump out of the car.

We walk in and the first store we see is a lingerie store. Harry and Louis run right in with Zayn and Niall following close behind. Liam and I stand shaking our heads. "Aw Liam, I'm sure you want to get something for Danielle" I say. He blushes then walks in after the rest of the lads. 

We run around the store, Louis and Harry putting things on everyone's heads, us yelling at them and telling them to be more mature. Then Zayn comes up to me and says "Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam come here. Don't you guys think Scar should try this on?" he says holding up a lacy red bra and frilly panties. I blush and say "In your dreams Malik" He just laughs.

 After that store, Harry, Zayn and Liam head to the Jack Wills store. Me, Niall and Louis decide we don't want to and roam the rest of the mall. Fans keep coming up to the lads and asking for autographs and such, but I'm surprised that none of them are flipping out. It's not that busy either, seeing that it's a Tuesday afternoon. Somehow, we lose Louis and its just me and Niall. "Where do you want to go?" he asks. "Hollister!" I say and pull him into the store. "Welcome to Hollister, would you like a gas mask, earplugs or a flashlight" Niall whispers in my ear and I giggle. He's so right though. 

"Scar, now that we've gotten away from the rest of the lads, I'd like to tell you something" "Go for it" I say. He takes a deep breath and says "I like you Scar, like I really really like you. I have since the day I met you and I know you just broke up with Carter but...." I interrupted him "Stop right there. Niall, I like you too. But I'm too afraid that there still might be a small amount of feelings for Carter left because it takes more than a day to stop loving someone. And I don't want to hurt you at all. So, if we still like each other in a month, well... We'll see" Niall's face lit up. "I don't think you'll have to worry if I still like you in a month or not. I've liked you the whole past month remember? It's you we have to worry about" he says. "Trust me, I'll still like you in a month" I assure him. 

"Hey Niall, I bet you would look good in this" I say, pointing to a dress. He holds it out. "Matches my skin tone doesn't it" I giggle and nod. "Sure does why don't you try it on?" "I think I will" he says as he takes it off the rack. He walks over to the dressing room and I follow him. As he walks in the little room, I stand outside but he grabs my arm and pulls me in. 

He takes his shirt off and I turn away. "What it's not like you haven't seen me in my boxers before" He has a point so I turn back around and admire his body. Man, for how much this boy eats, he is fit! Niall notices I'm staring and smirks "Like what you see?" I blush. "You know it" I say. He laughs. He has a hard time pulling the dress on since it's not meant for fit guys. I help him put it on and then I zip it up. It's the strangest sight ever! I take a picture without him realizing it and post it to twitter: Awwww @NiallOfficial is a princess!!

 He's going to kill me when he sees that later.

Niall somehow manages to get out of the dress, I don't know how he does it without ripping it, and we put it back and run right out of the store because all the workers we're giving us strange looks. Niall grabs my hand and leads me to somewhere that he won't tell me the name of. We finally arrive at a cotton candy kiosk. "Do ya like cotton candy? You better otherwise I'm never speaking to you again" he says. I laugh. "Of course I like cotton candy! Who doesn't?!" He buys one cotton candy and we split it. "I feel like we should be at a carnival or something" I say. "Well there is one in town this weekend, wanna go with me?" "I would love to" I say. 

We meet up with the other lads a half an hour later so we can walk around together. "So, I hope you two used protection" Louis says, throwing his arm around me and Niall. I blush madly. "Louis! We did not do that!" I say. "Sure ya didn't" he says, winking. "Why else would you go off alone?" Harry asks. "Maybe because we're tired of you guys" Niall says. "That's impossible you can never get tired of us" Zayn says. "So that must mean they're lying, and lying means you're hiding something" Harry says. "Leave them alone" Liam says. "Thank you Liam, you are officially my favorite" I say. I give him a hug and he says "Wait, I thought I was always your favorite" he says. I laugh and say "Of course you were Daddy Direction" "Wait, Scarlett, I believe you still owe me a favor from when we gave you clothes, right?" Louis says. "Um yeah.. You gonna use it now?" I ask. "No, just wanted to remind you" he says. 

The rest of the day, we run around the mall and do insane things. we got kicked out of three stores, mostly because of things Louis is doing and then Harry and I would follow. Harry, Louis and I are actually a horrible combination. We'll probably be the ones to cause the end of the world I swear. After we're done shopping, we all head back to our separate flats, except for Niall who comes to Harry and Louis' with me. 

"So is this where you're going to live?" Niall asks. "Just until I can find a flat on my own" I say. Louis overhears me and says "No! You are staying here whether you like it or not" Harry pipes in and says "Yeah! I like having you around. You got here yesterday and already it's ten times cleaner" I laugh. "I think I might kill myself if I wake up to Louis every day" I say. "And I thought you were my carrot princess" Lou says. "I'm your carrot princess?" I ask. "You WERE! Before you said that you might kill yourself because of me" "Oh Lou-Lou, you know I love you!" I say and give him a hug. "Am I your favorite member of One Direction?" he asks "Sure" I say. I wink at Niall and harry and mouth "No he isn't" They start cracking up and Louis asks "What's so funny?" "Nothing Lou" Harry says. 

Niall comes into my bedroom with me. Well... Is it really my bedroom or the guest bedroom? I don't know. But he comes in there with me and I lie down on my bed. Niall lays next to me. "Scar, has anyone told you that we're going on tour in a month?" I quickly sit up. "No!" "We are. And I remember once you told me that you had always wanted to be a dancer" "When did I tell you that?" I ask. "When we were watching a film. Anyways that's not important. What is important is that our backup dancers tore her ACL and we need someone to replace her quickly. I talked to our manager about it. He'd like to meet with you and consider you for the job" he says. "Niall! Are you serious?" he nods. I give him a great big hug. "This means the world to me! Thank you so much! Wouldn't that mean that I'd get to go on tour with you?" "That's one of the many reasons I did this, because you'd be here all alone but now whenever we go on tour, you'll come with us!" "I love you, did you know that?" "Yeah, I do" he says. "Good" I lay back down and put my head on his chest, listening to the beat of his heart. He strokes my head and my eyes start to close. Before I drift into sleep, I hear him start to hum What Makes You Beautiful.

A/N okay so I feel like nobody is reading this so until I get two comments I'm not posting the next chapter:) Kay thanks! Have a slovenly life:)
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