By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


7. Hangover & Guilt

I wake up on the morning with the worst headache ever! And my stomach hurts, almost like I'm going to throw up. No wait, I am! I run out of Niall's room and into the only bathroom I know of. I barely get there in time and begin to barf up all of last nights contents. God, what did I do!? I remember Niall challenging me to a chugging contest and doing one with a few other guys but after that, it's all fuzzy.... Wait... Why did I have to remember that? I suddenly start to remember my make out session with Niall. I feel so guilty. Am I going to tell Carter? I have to. He needs to know. 

I sit with my head at the toilet for quite some time before getting up. One reason being my body ached and I didn't feel like moving, another being I was thinking. Soon Liam comes in. "I heard you get up. Want some Advil?" he asks. I nod and stand up. "Here go back to Niall's bed or the couch or you could even have my bed. I'll bring you some breakfast, water and medicine" His words pounded into my mind seeming ten times louder than they actually were. "Thanks Liam. Do you always do this for the boys?" "Pretty much. I'm usually the one that doesn't drink and someone's gotta take care of them" "Well you're a really good friend" I say and give him a hug. He smiles and hugs me back. "I know" he says. 

He goes off to get me what I need and I decide to head to the couch. That way, I wouldn't be in any of the guys beds. "Here ya go love" Liam said putting a bowl of cereal on the table beside me and handing me a water with some Advil. I immediately swallowed the Advil. "Thanks Liam" I say. "Any time. I'm going to go wake up the others, care to join me?" I smile. "Yeah! I wanna see what the famous One Direction is like with hangovers!" I get off the couch and head to Louis room. "You sure you wanna wake up Lou? Hes the worst and hardest" "I like a challenge" I reply to Liam. He puts his hands up. "Don't come crying to me when Lou tears your head off" I open his door to find that his room is an even bigger mess then Niall's. And thats saying something. I go over and sit on top of Louis. "Louuuuiiiiss!" I yell. He groans. "Ah so you're awake!" I say. "Get off of me" he says grumpily. "Aw someone's not a happy camper!" I say. "How are you so peppy? You had just as much to drink as I did" "Yeah well Liam already gave me some Advil" Louis rolls over, making me fall off the bed. "Ouch!" I yell, hitting the floor. "Alright, I was going to be nice, but that did it" I say and start pulling Louis arm. Instead of me pulling him out, he pulled me in. He pulled me onto his bed and wrapped his arms around me. "Louis! Let go of me!" I yell. "No! Not when you sat on me. By the way, you're very light" "Liam told me to help him wake you guys up. Besides, you can't stay in here forever" "But I can try!" I get an idea. I lick Louis arm expecting him to let of but he doesn't. "Most normal people scream and let go instantly when you do that!" I say. "Well excuse me if I'm not girly" I then bite him, to get him to let go. That does work. He releases" me and shouts "Ow! You bit me!" I stand up. "Sure did"

 I go to the end of his bed and grab his blanket and pull it off of him. I then grab his foot and pull him out of bed, causing him to fall on the floor. "I hate you" he says. I laugh then get up and go out of Louis room. 

I see that Liam hasn't woken up Niall yet so I head in there and wake him up. I shake him lightly. "Nialllll, wake upppp" I say. He groans. "No mum" he says before rolling over. I laugh "Niall, I'm not your mother" "I knew that" he says rolling back over. Before I can stop myself, I say "Do you remember what happened last night?" He shakes his head. "I remember challenging you and then a couple other things but everything else is blurry" I sit on his bed. "Niall.... We started making out last night" I say. "We did?" I nod. "Oh ... I'm sorry.. What are you going to tell your boyfriend" "I'm going to tell him everything. I mean, I have to. I would feel horrible if I kept it to myself" "Scarlett, I hope you know that I feel so bad. I'm really really sorry" "No Niall, it's not your fault" he nods. There's a moment of awkward silence before I say "Now get your lazy butt out of bed" and stand up. "Yes mam" he says.

 I laugh and walk out of the room. I go out into the kitchen and see Louis, Zayn, and Harry all sitting at the counter, a cup of coffee in their hands. Liam is making something, I think eggs. I go sit down next to Lou. 

"Good morning" I say. "No, it's not a good morning. It's a terrible morning. The sun should just go die in a hole and I wish their we're no such things as hangovers cause they suck balls" Lou says. "Well then... You've got some pretty strong opinions don't you?" I say. "Breakfast is ready!" Liam says turning around with a plate full of eggs. Niall runs down the stairs. "I heard something about food" he says. "Eggs are ready" Liam says. "Yummm" Niall says sitting on the other side of me. "What time is it?" I ask getting worried. Carter's is going to flip if he goes to my flat and doesn't find me. "Uh.. It's about eleven thirty" Liam says. "Ah goodness. I should probably head back to my flat. I had a fun time with you guys. Thanks for letting me stay over" I say standing up. "Nooo Scar! Don't leave me alone with these four cranky guys" Liam says. "Sorry Liam, but I think you can handle them. I gotta get home and talk to Carter. I'll see you guys later" I grab my stuff that's sitting in a chair. "Bye guys!" I say. Most of them mumble back something along the lines of "Byeee" 

I head back to my flat and call Carter so I can tell him what happened. "Honey I'm home!!!" he yells when he walks through the front door. I'm sitting at my table and he comes over, gives me a kiss on the cheek and sits across from me. 
"How is my lovely girlfriend doing today?" God I feel horrible about what I did last night. But I have to tell him. "Carter... I did something last night that I feel really bad about" his face falls. "Oh no Scar, what did you do?" "I.... I... I went and got drunk and well... I kind of made out with Niall from One Direction.. But once I realized what I was doing I stopped and I feel completely horrible!" I started to speed up on the last part. "You made out with him?" he asks. I nod. "You didn't do anything more than that?" I shook my head. He sighs loudly. "How many beers did you have?" "About fifteen" "Jeez Scar! God I don't know what to say right now" "Say whatever you want, I deserve all of it. If I were you I might even break up with me. What I did was so horrible and wrong" "Alright. What you did was horrible. But you did tell me right away and you were drunk. I'm going to go back to my flat and just think. I'll call you later okay?" I nod and stand up. He comes over and gives me a hug. "I hope you know that I really, really love you Carter" "I love you too" he says. Then he leaves and I collapse onto the floor. Oh Scar, what have you done?
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