By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


9. Forgiveness

I arrive to see that Carter is already at the table, coffee in hand. I walk over to him, without bothering to get a coffee of my own, and sit down across from him. "Ah you got my text" he says. "Nah I didn't, just thought I'd stop by and get coffee in the middle of the day" he chuckles. "You always manage to make me laugh" he says. This is a good sign. He's laughing.

 "Alright, well..... I came to the decision that I love you too much to let you go. And besides, you only kissed him and you were three sheets to the wind. I'm sure there's nothing going on between the two of you" "Carter, you are amazing! Thank you so much for giving me a second chance even though I probably don't deserve it" "Yeah yeah yeah. But now, I don't have as much trust in you as I used to. I'm going to be an over protective boyfriend here and say I don't want you hanging out with Niall, or any of the boys from One Direction really" Wait did he really just say that? "Um carter, I know that something happened between me a Niall but you've gotta believe me, we are just friends, nothing more. And the rest of the guys, well if anything, they're my brothers. Louis and Liam especially. How about we all hang out together, including you, and go from there?" He takes a deep breath and contemplates this. "Alright. Invite them all to hang out at the beach tonight. I've gotta meet the guys that got you to drink anyways" I give him a peck on the lips. "I love you" I say. "Love you more" he says back. I'm so glad that things are back to the way they were.

Carter and i head back to my place and I text Niall: Carter is okay with it! He says that he trusts me enough that he knows it was nothing serious! We're staying together! But he wants to meet you and the guys tonight. Campfire at the beach sound fun?Xx

He replies: That's great! I'm so happy for you. And yeah sure, sounds brilliant. Meet you there at five? 

Me: Kaykay see ya goofballs later

I put my phone away then go to cuddle with Carter before the campfire.

Niall's POV:

Great. She's still with Carter. I'm happy for her because I know she loves him. But now I get to watch her with him tonight at the bonfire. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it. 

"Hey, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn. We've been invited to a bonfire with Scarlett and Carter" I yell ask walk into the living room. "W-w-wait. Scarlett AND Carter?" Louis asks. I nod. "So they're still together?" Liam asks. I nod again. "I'm sorry Niall" Harry says. "Sorry for what?" I ask. They all give me a look. "Don't even pretend like you don't like her. We all know you do" Zayn says. I sigh. "Yeah I do but I just want her to be happy. And if he makes her happy then I'm okay with it" "Aww ickle Niall just want her to be happy" Louis says. "Shut up Lou" I say.

 I go and sit on the couch and the guys surround me. "Don't worry Nialler, normally when someone cheats on the other person in a relationship, there is a loss of trust. A loss of trust means over protectiveness and I don't think Scar will enjoy being smothered. There's going to be a lot of fighting between them from now on" Liam says. "Either that or he'll just ban her from seeing me" I say. "Scar wouldn't allow that" Harry says. "How do you know Harry? We've only known Scar a couple of days. She's been dating this guy for a year. Come on put two and two together it just makes sense" I said getting angry when I shouldn't. "Whoa no need to become an angry leprechaun" Louis says. I laugh. "Sorry. I'm just upset" "We know. But everything will be okay" Liam says. "I sure hope so" 

The rest of the day we lounge around waiting for the campfire. I'm just hoping that Scar will be able to keep hanging out with me. If she can't, well, I don't know. I've never felt like this before and I've only known her for two days! "Ey hurry up Nialler. We gotta be at the beach in fifteen minutes" Harry yells through the door. I step out into the living room to find all of them ready to go. We all have our swim trunks on and some shades. We get into the car and make Harry drive since he got his license. 

Scarlett's POV 

I giggled as Carter whispered something into my ear on the beach. "Whoa there, no PDA please" Lou says approaching us. "Yay! You guys made it" I said jumping out of Carter's arms. "Did you think we would ditch you? Sweetheart you have to remember we're losers that don't get invited anywhere" Harry says. "Mhmm yeah sure I'll just tell that to the millions of girls out there that love you" I say. Carter clears his throat from behind me. "Oh yeah! Guys this is Carter, my boyfriend" I say pointing to him. "Carter, this is Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam" I say pointing to each of them. "Nice to meet you all. I've heard all about you" Carter says giving each of them a handshake. "Bad things, I hope" Harry says. "Some, yes. You guys sound absolutely insane. But I've also heard some good things like you guys allowed Scar to feel right at home and not out of place at all" Carter says. "Okay well who wants to swim with me?" I ask. "SWIMMING!!!" Louis yells. He rips off is shirt and sprints into the water. I laugh and strip down into my bikini which I had on underneath my clothes. "Last one in is a rotten egg!" I yell running into the water. Zayn got stuck trying to pull his shirt over his head and ended up being the last one in. 

We splash around in the water for an hour or so before I start to freeze. I run out of the ocean and force Carter to start a fire. He made a really big one in a short amount of time. "Quite the Eagle Scout are you?" Liam asked. Carter chuckled. "Nah. I wanted to but I was too busy with acting. I actually learned this from my dad. We'd go camping almost every weekend" Wow, Carter is actually opening up about his dad. He never ever talks about his dad. But there is something about these guys that makes you feel like you can tell them anything and they won't judge you. "Well your dad must be a pretty awesome lad" Louis says. "He definitely was" Carter says. The lads pick up on the fact that Carter said was instead of is and dropped the topic of fathers. 

"Niall! Harry! Zayn! Come gather 'round the campfire, I don't want you lads getting hypothermia" I yell at the lads who are still in the ocean. The head back to the shore, grab a towel, and sit around the campfire. The sun is just beginning to set and the sky is absolutely gorgeous. "Wanna take a picture lads?" I ask. "Ooo yeah! The sky is absolutely brilliant!" Liam says. We all stand up. "Who's going to take the picture?" Zayn asks. "I will" Carter volunteers. "You sure?" I ask. He nods. "Alrightie then" I say then head to the part of the ocean where it barely rolls over your feet. The guys get an idea for a good picture and lift me up so that I'm laying on my side getting held up by the five of them. Harry gets my bum to hold up. "I really like this spot" he says. If i weren't being held up by him, I would've hit him. I lean my head on my arm sort of in a model way and Carter takes the picture. "Lovely" he says as he lowers his phone, signaling that he took the picture. The guys then immediately drop me. "Ow! That wasn't very nice!" I shout. They just laugh. I stand up. "Now let's get a picture of the beautiful couple" Lou says. Niall hears this and becomes upset for some reason. He then starts walking down the beach. After this picture I'm going to go see whats wrong. 

Carter and I walk a little further into the ocean and hold hands, our backs to the camera. Lou takes the picture and I look at it. It really is a pretty picture. Lou posts it on to twitter: Aww look how cute  @I<3LouSooooMuch69 and @Im_Carter_Rose are.... Ah young love Xx

"We aren't that young!" I protest. "Well you are about three years younger than me" he says. "Shut up" I say. "Hey I'm going to go see what's up with Niall" I whisper into Carter's ear. He takes a deep breath then nods. I smile then run along the shore until I catch up with Niall.

 "Boo!" I yell from behind him. "Bloody hell Scar! You scared the shit outta me" he says as he turns around. I give him mischievous look. "I'm going to getcha back for that" "Sureee you will Mr. Leprechaun" I say. "Ey, you could be a leprechaun too ya know. You're shorter than me" "True. But I like harassing you" I say. "Yeah I know you do" 

There's an awkward moment of silence before I decide to say "Carter's not so sure if he wants me hanging out with you anymore" Niall stops walking and turns to look at me. "If he tells you you can't see me anymore... Are we going to stop talking and hanging out.. Are you going to listen to him?" he asks, distraught. "I don't know. I mean we did kiss. I can't blame him for it. It's just that, we've been dating for over a year and I don't want to screw things up" "Do you really, really love him?" he asks. Do I love Carter? Or do I just love our relationship? Do I just love how perfect it is and how comfortable I feel? Maybe I just feel safe and don't want to get hurt. "Scarlett?" Niall says, bringing me back to Earth. "Yeah.. I do love him" I say but I'm really not so sure if I mean it. If I really loved Carter, would I have kissed Niall? "If you truly do love him, then you shouldn't hang out with me, at least for a little while. Just so you can gain his trust back" Niall says. "But I want to hang out with you Niall" "I don't know what you want me to say Scar. Just, follow your heart" he says and then starts walking back to the campfire. 

I stay where I am for a moment, just thinking. "Scarlett? You okay?" Carter yells. "I'm fine" I yell, then run back. I run and tackle Carter. "Ow! You need too lay off the ice cream" Carter says, pulling me up. I hit him lightly on the shoulder and I catch Niall staring at me with what looks like a mix of hurt, jealousy and maybe anger.

 We all gather around the campfire and I sit on a log next to carter, with my head on his shoulder. It's one of the most romantic moments ever but I just don't feel all the butterflies and feelings I used to have. I don't feel... The spark. It sounds cheesy, but there used to be fireworks and electricity flowing through me whenever we touched. But now, I realize I don't feel those things anymore. Maybe it's just this rough patch we're going through in our relationship. Everything will return to normal soon.

"You play?" Carter asks gesturing towards Niall's guitar. Niall nods. "Yep" he says. "So do I. Can I borrow your guitar for a moment?" Carter asks. Niall hesitantly hands it to him. Carter starts to play Beautiful Soul, by Jesse McCartney. Then, he started to sing. I knew he could play, but I never knew he could sing. 

"I don't want another pretty face, I don't want just anyone to hold, I don't want my love to go to waste, I want you and your beautiful soul" he sang to me. He continued to sing and then the guys joined in on the chorus. I just sat there and smiled.

 All of a sudden, everyone starts dancing. Carter stops playing the guitar and offered me his hand. I took it and stood up. We started slow dancing as he sang. "You're the one I wanna hold, I won't let another minute go to waste I want you and you're beautiful soul" he sang into my ear. When he was done, we just stood there for a moment. "Well... Who knew that Carter Rose, action movie star, could sing!?" Zayn says. "Yeah... He's perfect" Niall mumbles. "Nah, I'm far from perfect" Carter says. "Are you sure about that?" I ask. We stare into each others eyes for a moment. 

"So who wants to catch some crabs?!" Louis asks. "I do!" I say. "Really?" Harry asks making a confused face. I nod. "Yes sir!" "Sure you won't be scared?" Harry asks. I give him a dirty look. "If you do get scared, I'll hold you" Zayn says winking at me. "Ey, Malik back off my woman" Carter says, putting his arm around me. 

We grab a bucket and had off to find some crabs. "Found one!" Harry says holding it up. "Ow!" he screams. "It pinched me" I laugh. "Awwww did the wittle crab pinch you?" I ask. "Kiss it make it better" he says holding his finger out to me. I gave him a quick kiss on his knuckle. "Feel better?" I ask. "Much better" he says. I roll my eyes then continue searching. I see the sand move then shortly after see a crab. I pick it up and scream "Found one!!!" It's a pretty good sized one for a sand crab. "Dang that ones big!" Liam says coming towards me to see it. Lou and Harry start laughing. "That's what she said!" Lou says. I put the crab in the bucket then hit Lou on the arm. "Owwie!" he says. "Don't make inappropriate comments" i tell him. He pouts. 

We find ten more crabs before deciding to head home. I give each of the boys a hug. "Tonight was fun" I say. They nod in agreement. "Sure was" Harry says. They still have the bucket of crabs and I can only imagine what they're going to do with them. "Bye guys!" I say as I wave and walk towards Carter's car. 
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