By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


13. Dirty Cheater...

At some point, I feel Louis move out from under me and them go into another room. They return with all the other lads, explaining what happened between me and Carter. "So her and Carter aren't together anymore?" I hear Niall ask. "Yes! That's what I just spent five minutes explaining to you, you idiot!" Louis says. "Sorry I was just clarifying" There's a moment of silence before Harry says "Niall I know what you're thinking, and she's not going to be dating anyone for a while. She's gonna need time to get over Carter, she told us that herself" "I know. But at least I have a better chance with her now" There's a pause before Liam asks "You really like her, don't you?" "Saying I really like her is an understatement" Niall says. I pretend to have just woken up as I sit up and stretch. "Well good mornin sleeping beauty. You're finally awake" Niall says. "How long was I asleep for?" "Uh. bout two hours maybe" "Why didn't you wake me up?" I ask. "Cause we didn't want to disturb the little angel" Louis says. "Awwww Louis!" He comes and sits next to me. "You feeling better... About... Carter?" Liam asks awkwardly. "No... Not really" I say. The lads gather around me. 

Louis is on my right, Harry is on my left, Zayn and Liam are sitting behind me and Niall sits on my right leg and Louis' left leg. "Ow Niall! Lay off the Nandos" I say. "Are you suggesting I'm fat?" he asks. "Yes I am! You're crushing my leg!" "Fine then get up and you can sit on me" "In order for me to do that I'd need you to get off of me" he stands up and I get up. He takes my spot then I sit on his lap. He wraps his arms around me. "You're mine now!" he says. "Noooo!" I protest. "I think tonight should be an all about Scarlett night" Zayn says. "Yeah we can do whatever Scarlett wants to do" Liam says. "Would you guys go shopping and watch chick flicks with me?!" I ask excitedly. "If that's want ya want babes" Harry says. "Then what are we waiting for?" I ask. "Well I guess we're going to the mall!" Zayn says, jumping off the back of the couch. The rest of the guys follow him and I try to get up but Niall won't let me.

 "Let me go!" I say. "Nah I'm good" he says. "I'm going to lick you" I say. "If you do that I'll tickle you. You look like a ticklish person" "No...." I say. He's right though. I'm the most ticklish person ever. "Alright then I guess you wouldn't mind if I tickled you" he says. I keep my mouth shut. He starts to tickle me and I burst into laughter. "Okay! I'm really ticklish now stop!" I say. He continues to tickle me. "Louis! Harry! Liam, Zayn someone! Help me!" I yell. Harry comes and grabs me out of Niall's arms. "There ya go babe" he says seething me on my feet. I give him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Haz" "No problem Scar" I walk over to my suitcase to get my stuff so I can change and all, but then my phone starts ringing. It's Anthony, one of Carter's closest friends. I decide to answer it because he's never called me before. 

"Hello?" I say. "Scar?" "Yeah, what's up?" "Carter cheated on you" he blurts out. "Uh.. He just broke up with me. If he's with another girl now then, he's not cheating" "No, he's been cheating on you for the past five months. I walked in on him once and he made me swear not to tell you but it's been killing me and you're the nicest girl on the planet and he's going to be pissed for telling you but...." "So, he cheated on me? For five months" I say, a tear escaping my eyes. "Yeah" I hang up the phone and start bawling. "Scar! What's wrong?" "Carter... He's been... Cheating on me... For the past five months"   "THAT BASTARD!" Harry screams. "No wonder he forgave me for cheating on him. He was out doing the same thing. I bet he didn't even care about what happened between Niall and I!" I say then begin bawling. "He's going to pay for that" Louis says. "Why don't we go over there and talk to him" Liam says. "There isn't going to be much talking going on" Zayn says. I look up to see all of them fuming. "Guys, I don't want you in the middle of this. I'm just going to go and talk to him myself" I say. "No. You are not going by yourself. Do you want him to continue to do this to other girls?" Niall asks. I shake my head. "Then we've gotta teach him a lesson" "Put on some decent clothes lads, were going over there" Harry says. They all walk out, mumbling a way to kill him and get away with it. I sit on the floor still crying, Niall at my side. He wraps his arms around me. "Shhhh, shhhh. Baby girl, you don't need him. You deserve so much better" he whispers. "I just can't believe it. I doubt he was even mad at me for cheating on him with you. He just had to act like it so that I wouldn't get suspicious. I really want to punch that asshole in  face right now" "Then get off your butt because we're all heading to the apartment. I'm gonna go talk to the lads, I've got a plan that I'll tell you in the car" 

This is the plan: I knock on the door and when he asks why I'm there I say to get more of my stuff. He lets me in and all of the guys follow grabbing him and tying him to a chair with rope they brought. I'm gonna ask him questions and if he won't answer them, the boys are going to do bad things. Problem is, I don't even know if I can look him in the face without bawling.

"Scarlett.. What are you doing here?" he asks. "I came to get some of my stuff" I say. "Oh come on in... And have you been crying?" Jerk. Why wouldn't I be crying. I head in and Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall follow. And normally, Liam doesn't approve of this kind of stuff. Louis is holding the rope while Harry and Zayn grab Carter and sit him down in a chair. Louis ties him up and the questions begin.

 "Let me go! I'm going to call the cops!" Carter yells. "I just need to ask a few questions. Alright, who did you cheat on me with?" He stops struggling, realizing I knew about him cheating on me. "I don't know what you're talking about" he lies. I slap him across the face. "You know damn well what I'm talking about know answer the question" I say. "I never cheated on you Scar!" "Oh really? Because a reliable source told me you've been cheating on me for five months" "Well they're lying" he states. Harry grabs the back of the chair and tilts it towards the floor. "I could drop you on your face or you could answer the question" he says. "I'm pretty sure this is illegal!" Carter shouts. Harry tilts him closer to the floor. "Alright, just don't drop me. I admit, I cheated on you. I was also dating this other woman named Jennifer" he says. A tear falls down my cheek. "Now its my turn to ask a question. Who told you?" Carter asks.  "Someone who knows what's right" I say. "Did you ever love me?" I ask. "What kind of question is that? Of course I loved you Scar! I still do!" "If you really loved me, you'd never cheat on me" "It's just that,I wanted to wait until you were ready, but that was after we got married which was a long time away and I met Jen at a bar and it led on to every week... I tried to stop it I really did, but she wouldn't take no for an answer!" "Carter, I know how strong you are, if you really wanted to stop it, I know you could've. Ths no excuses for what you did. Did you even care about Niall and I?" "It did hurt me, but I knew that I couldn't get mad at you because I was out doing worse. I did stop it though. After I told you I forgave you, I told Jen it needed to stop" "Well that was a little late" I say then head to my room to get more stuff. I hear a thud then Carter scream "Ow!" The lads come into the room and I give them things to carry. We get most of the stuff and head back to Louis and Harry's flat. 

The whole car ride home, I'm silent and the lads notice this. "Scar, he's a lying, dirty, filthy, cheating, no good scumbag that never deserved you in the first place" Liam says. "If you want to make him jealous I'd be happy to help with that" Zayn says and winks. I have to laugh at that. Zayn always first with me saying things like that, but we both know that there's nothing going on between us. We're just really good friends. I cling to Harry, soaking his shirt with my tears. It's also got black smudges on it now, from my mascara. "Sorry Harry" I mumble. "What the hell are you sorry for?" Louis asks. "I totally ruined his shirt" "I can get a new one. Don't worry about it love" Harry says. 

We get to Harry and Louis' flat and everyone decides they're going to sleep here for the night. They're all camping out in the living room with me. They get the mattresses from Harry and Lou's  rooms and cover the floor with them. Apparently I get the couch with Harry, who's like my big brother. "Okay, we're watching Remember Me since you said it was your favorite movie the first day we met you" Liam says. "You guys remember that?" I say. They nod. I love these guys. "Do we have any ice cream?" Niall asks. Everyone gives him a look. "What?! Not for me! For Scar! I know that girls like to eat ice cream when they're sad" Zayn checks the freezer for ice cream. "Cookies and cream okay?" "My favorite!" I say. They get me a huge bowl of it and give it to me. Harry lays down on the couch and I lay in front of him. He puts his arm around me and I put my head on his chest. Then I start eating my ice cream and watch the film.

The lads are hilarious but obnoxious during the film. They would scream "Ewwww!" whenever they started to kiss and Louis said "That is a very inappropriate thing to do!" when they were making love. I started to smile. "She's smiling!" Harry yelled when he saw me smile. "Awwww ickle Scarlett is starting to smile again!" Louis says. "How can I not smile around you lads?" "Well tomorrow we can go shopping since our plans to do that today were so rudely interrupted" Zayn says. "Yay! Shopping! You are going to carry my bags" I say. They groan. "I'm glad to see you feeling better" Liam says. "Well I cant hang onto it forever. I've gotta get over it and obviously, I shouldn't be so sad because he was a douche bag and I'm glad we're over" They all smile. "Dog pile!!!" Louis shouts and jumps on me and Harry. Niall jumps next, then Zayn then Liam. "Owwww!" I mutter from underneath them. They get off and I say "You guys are fat!" We eventually fall asleep after talking and telling jokes.
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