By Chance

Scarlett Johnsons life seems pretty perfect now, even though she had a pretty rocky past. She has a sucessful modeling/acting career and a superstar boyfriend. But is she really happy? Is this what she wants? She begins to doubt things when five boys come into her life and shake things up.

A story about friendships, relationships, drama, family and most importantly... love.


3. Ben & Jerry's

It turns out the ice cream place they had to show me was Ben and Jerry's. Very original. "Wow! Never heard of this place before!" I say sarcastically. Louis turns and looks at me. "You've never heard of this place?" he asks. "Louis, I'm sarcastic sweetheart" I tell him. "Heh... I knew that" he says. "Sure ya did" I say. I order a vanilla ice cream. All the guys are giving me weird looks. "What?!" I ask. "You came to Ben and Jerry's, and got vanilla?" "Yes! I like vanilla!" I say. They all shake their heads. 

Niall ordered last and got the largest size they had with five scoops of different ice cream and all the toppings he could get. I gave him a disgusted look when the lady handed it to him. "Wha?" he asks, his mouth full of ice cream. "Little overboard?" I ask. "Nah! At least I didn't just get vanilla" "Stop making fun of me! I do one little thing and I get harassed!" "I am not harassing you!" "Are too!" "You two stop flirting and come sit at the table" Harry yells. 

I sit down and say "I wasn't flirting" "Sure you weren't" Harry says. Then, all of a sudden, Liam burps. Then Zayn, then Louis, then Harry, then Niall. Then they all laugh. I do something I know will surprise them. I burp louder and better then all of theirs put together. They all stare at me, their face in the shape of an O. Then Louis raises his hand, gesturing for a high five. I high five him. "I love this girl" he says. "It's hard not to!" I say. "No, it seems pretty easy" Niall says. I hit him lightly on the shoulder. "Ow! Its true!" he says. I stand up. "Well if that's what you think, then I should leave" I say. "Noooo!!! Don't leave!" Louis says. He turns to Niall. "Nialler tell her that it isn't true and you're sorry so she will stay" I look at Niall and cross my arms. "It's not true love. I'm sorry" I smile. "I know. But I still have to go" I say throwing away my ice cream bowl. "So I said that for nothing!?" Niall asks. "Not for nothing. Now I know how you truly feel" I say. Then I walk away. 

Louis' POV

Niall stared at Scarlett as she walked away. I hit him upside the head. "Ow! What was that for?" he asks. "Staring isn't polite" I say. He blushes then slouches in his seat. "Ooo Nialler has  crush!" Harry says. "I do not! I mean she's pretty and all, but I don't like her in that way" "Sure Niall" Harry says. "Well I think I found my new best friend" I say. "Lou! I'm hurt! I thought I was your best friend!" Harry says acting hurt. "No Harry, you're my lover!"

Scarlett's  POV

I walked to my car and drove to the coffee place where I was meeting my boyfriend that I've been dating for over a year, Carter Rose. Yes the famous super star hottie. He's all mine! (A/N he's not a real person. Just saying) I got a coffee and sat at our table in the back corner. All of the sudden, a pair of hands covered my eyes. "Ah! Murderer" I said. Carter removes his hands and gives me a kiss on the cheek and sits across the table. "So how's your day been?" he asks taking a sip of his coffee. "Good" I say a smile spreading across my face. "It looks like it was better than good" "Well... I met One Direction!" I say. "And you didn't invite me!" he says making a sad face. "Sorry bub. Maybe next time" "So were they nice guys?" "Yes! Definitely! They were so nice and funny! Not at all like the average celebrity now a'days" "Now a'days? What are you? And old grandma?" he chuckles. "Maybe I am! What's wrong with that?" "Everything" he says. I gasp. "Well then maybe we should stop seeing each other" "Sounds good to me grandma" he says. "Kids these days" I mutter. 

He shakes his head. "So why did you get to meet One Direction?" "Cause I'm special" "No seriously, was it a job?" "Yeah it was. I'm the girl in their music video" "Ah okay. Thats cool. Just as long as they keep their hands to themselves" "Well... Uh..." I say. I had forgotten about the scene where I had to kiss Niall. Carter gets jealous over little things like that. Only because he loves me so much. "What?" he says raising his eyebrow. "There's kind of a scene where I have to kiss Niall" he processes this. "Alright, I trust you" I smile then give him a hug. "You're awesome" I say. "I know I am" 

We finish our coffee and then we head over to my placed. I catch up about his work. He's finishing up another action film. That's where I met him, on the set of an action film. I was a very small part in the movie and I was carrying coffee and walking with out looking and I spilled the coffee all over him. For me it was terrifying because I just spilled coffee on a movie star. But we bonded over the flavor of coffee, carmel mocha, as I helped to try and remove the coffee stain from his shirt and once we got talking, we didn't stop. Soon enough we had a date set up and bam! Here we are today. We popped in an action movie he's in (not because he wanted to, because I wanted to. He's not conceited like that. He actually protested against it but I won, like I always do) I cuddled up to him and fell asleep. 
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